Comprehensive Wastewater Treatment Solutions

At Franklin Miller, our heritage of excellence in wastewater management spans generations, with a special focus on pioneering grinding and screening technologies. Our suite of products is meticulously designed to confront the toughest wastewater treatment challenges, ensuring optimal public health and ecosystem protection.

Committed to innovation, we provide grinding and screening solutions that embody the highest standards of quality and efficiency, tailored for a diverse array of industry needs. Join us on our journey towards advancing wastewater treatment, where every grind and screen contributes to a cleaner, safer environment for all.

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Our screening equipment is designed to efficiently separate solids from wastewater, protecting downstream equipment and facilitating smooth treatment processes. These systems can handle a wide range of materials and minimize maintenance requirements and operational costs.


  • Description: The Spiralift series offers advanced screening and lifting solutions for wastewater treatment plants, combining fine or coarse screening with solids conveying and dewatering in a single unit.
  • Key Features: Low maintenance; compact design; easy installation; high solids capture; efficient washing and dewatering; customizable configurations.


  • Description: The Screenmaster series features robust, high-capacity mechanical bar screens for wastewater treatment plants that efficiently remove large solids and debris from the water, preventing damage to downstream equipment.
  • Key Features: Heavy-duty construction; high capture efficiency; low maintenance; simple installation; reliable chain and rake system; customizable to various channel depths and widths.

Treatment Innovation

Franklin Miller has been a trusted name in wastewater treatment for decades, providing innovative and reliable solutions for various industries. Our comprehensive range of products is designed to tackle even the most challenging wastewater issues, ensuring safe and efficient treatment processes.

Effective wastewater treatment is crucial for protecting public health, preserving the environment, and ensuring regulatory compliance. At Franklin Miller, we are committed to delivering wastewater treatment solutions that meet the highest quality and performance standards.

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Custom Engineered System

We understand that every wastewater treatment challenge is unique, which is why we offer custom engineering solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our team of experts collaborates closely with you to develop the best solution for your facility, ensuring optimal performance and long-term reliability.

Septage Receiving Station

For Septage Receiving and FOG Receiving our systems offer the widest choice of features available from one supplier.  This includes screening systems, unique grinders with tramp separation, a choice of instrumentation, our Hauler Station Control which authenticates, tracks  and records transaction data,  as well as Haulerlogic® administration software.

Key Applications

  • Headworks: Our products are designed to handle the demanding requirements of headworks, ensuring efficient and reliable preliminary treatment of wastewater.
  • Pump Stations: Franklin Miller's solutions help protect pumps and downstream equipment, reducing maintenance costs and extending the lifespan of your pump stations.
  • Wet Wells: Our equipment ensures efficient solids removal and prevention of clogs in wet wells, maintaining optimal performance and minimizing downtime.

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