Sewage and Wastewater Grinders

Franklin Miller’s broad range of wastewater grinders are designed for performance, reliability and ease of maintenance. Backed by over 100 years of service and technology, you are assured a world-class effective and quality product when you specify Franklin Miller. Our innovating wastewater grinders are designed for channel, inline and gravity installation.  They are used in plant headworks, sludge lines, wetwells, pump stations, industrial effluent lines and more.

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Franklin Miller's wastewater grinders are the result of exceptional engineering and development over many years, embodying cutting-edge technology tailored for efficient wastewater management. These grinders feature specialized cutting mechanisms, expertly designed to handle a variety of challenging wastewater solids such as rags and wipes. The precision-engineered units  help ensure a reliable system preventing clogs in sewage systems worldwide.


Franklin Miller offers an extensive selection of wastewater grinders, renowned for their dependable performance and maintenance simplicity. With a century of technological innovation and service excellence, these grinders excel in delivering outstanding durability and ease of upkeep.

Leading the industry, Franklin Miller's wastewater grinders are acknowledged for their exceptional reliability and efficiency. Designed to minimize pump blockages, safeguard processing and dewatering machinery, these units effectively manage solids and ensure the smooth operation of wastewater systems.

Wipes Grinding

Flushable and sanitary wipes have become a major issue for wastewater treatment plants worldwide. Unlike toilet paper, wet wipes fail to disintegrate. They clog pumps, cause backups, and accumulate grease. Franklin Miller grinders are specifically designed to handle flushable wipes with ease and eliminate the issues associated with them.

TASKMASTER® grinders with CUTTER CARTRIDGE® technology have the unsurpassed ability to reduce difficult wipes to fine bits to alleviate clogs. These cutters have sharp, shark-like teeth that effectively rip through single or multiple clumped wipes and reduce them into small bits.

With rugged construction, precise alignment and optimized profile design, these cutters deliver superior performance on wipes and other stringy materials from day one and over the long run.

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Sludge Processing

With our innovative hollow spherical rotor SUPER SHREDDER® and our TASKMASTER® twin-shaft grinders, we have the ability to combat plugging problems associated with sanitary wipes. Franklin Miller will have the right processor for your needs. Our grinders improve the reliability, life and performance of your pumps, centrifuges, digestors and other process equipment.

The SUPER SHREDDER utilizes a low speed and high torque action to chop, grind and shred solids into fine bits that can be easily processed by downstream equipment. Its innovative open-center spherical rotor design maintains a high percentage of open area—making this unit practically invisible to the flow. In fact, it can handle higher flows than any other inline grinder available.

Headworks Solutions

Franklin Miller wastewater grinders help protect downstream equipment at wastewater treatment plants worldwide. Our wide variety of grinders and comminutors for open channels as well as inline applications offer effective grinding, extremely reliable operation and easy maintenance.

With a Franklin Miller wastewater grinder, we are committed to delivering a unit engineered for world-class performance and quality assured through our rigorous shop testing. We specialize in matching proven solutions to your specific process problems — from stock and customized machinery to fully integrated systems.


Applications include: wastewater headworks, sludge, recirculation, septage receiving, protecting of dewatering equipment, such as belt filter presses and centrifuges, as well as a variety of industrial applications including fish processing, bio-solids, oil transfer and more.

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