Industrial Shredders

Franklin Miller offers a comprehensive range of industrial shredders, tailored to meet the demands of various material processing needs. Our durable, high-quality shredders are capable of efficiently handling a variety of items. From electronic waste, plastics, and glass, to larger items like car tires, wood, and different metals, our machines are designed for versatility and reliability.

Our product range features both dual-shaft and quad-shaft shredders. This variety ensures that we have the perfect shredding solution for every scale of operation. These machines are adept at handling diverse industrial material shredding requirements, making them a valuable asset for any business.

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The TASKMASTER® industrial shredders are renowned for their exceptional shredding capabilities, expertly engineered to handle a diverse range of materials with utmost efficiency. These robust units boast the ability to reduce a wide variety of bulk solids by up to 80%.

Their applications are extensive and varied, including the processing of food waste, the breakdown of pallets, and the handling of steel drums. They are also adept at managing bulk waste, packaging materials, and a variety of plastics. Furthermore, TASKMASTER® shredders excel in processing wood and paper products, electronic components, and are even equipped to tackle the emerging field of electric vehicle (EV) battery recycling. This versatility and effectiveness make TASKMASTER® shredders a vital asset in numerous industrial settings.

Comprehensive Solutions

TASKMASTER® industrial shredders serve multiple functions and have been recognized for their effectiveness, durability, and reliability for many years. These shredders play a crucial role in the secure destruction of sensitive, faulty, or dangerous materials.

Our experienced shredding specialists are available to guide you in selecting the appropriate industrial shredder for your unique requirements. We even provide on-site testing to guarantee that the chosen equipment aligns perfectly with your specific use case.

The Mechanism

TASKMASTER® industrial shredders employ two parallel counter rotating stacks of cutters that intermesh at low speed under extremely high torque. As the cam shaped cutters intermesh at close clearance, they cut, shear, tear, slice, and rip apart a variety of materials into smaller pieces, typically in a strip or chip-like output shape.

The geometry of this dual-shaft cutter also provides excellent feeding characteristics for a variety of solids. The TASKMASTER® generally  employs no sizing screen so the output particle is determined by the cutter shape. TASKMASTER® cutters are precision manufactured to exacting standards to provide optimal shredding and long life. Each TASKMASTER® is heavily constructed for low deflection or vibration and quiet operation.

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Franklin Miller offers a wide variety of shredding systems. These systems can provide loading, controls, separation and more. We provide turn-key systems that help companies all over the world accomplish shredding tasks with minimal work required. Our equipment can be provided stand-alone, with stand and hopper, with a control system or as part of a complete engineered system, which can include conveyors, feeders, pressure-rated housing and more. Our test facility can be your resource for determining the best size reduction solution to meet your needs.


TASKMASTER industrial shredders handle a wide variety of applications, these include:

  1. Electronic Waste Management: Shredding electronic devices for safe disposal.
  2. Plastic Recycling: Breaking down plastics for reuse or recycling.
  3. Tire Disposal: Processing used tires for recycling or energy recovery.
  4. Metal Processing: Managing scrap metal in manufacturing and recycling.
  5. Wood Recycling: Reducing wood waste for biomass or material recovery.
  6. Paper Shredding: Efficiently shredding paper for recycling or secure disposal.

Streamlining Waste Management

Efficiency in waste management is crucial for both operational success and environmental responsibility. Franklin Miller's industrial shredders are designed to effectively streamline the waste management process. Our shredders handle a variety of materials, reducing them to manageable sizes for easy processing and disposal.

Efficient Waste Reduction

Our shredders are capable of processing a wide range of materials, ensuring uniform size reduction. This process aids in reducing storage and transportation costs, and supports recycling efforts by preparing materials for reuse.

Versatility and Innovation

Franklin Miller's shredders are adaptable to various waste streams, offering customized solutions to meet specific industry needs. With our innovative shredding technology, we ensure efficient, reliable, and environmentally-friendly waste management.

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