Wastewater Screening Equipment

Franklin Miller specializes in advanced wastewater screening solutions, meticulously engineered to address the multifaceted challenges of wastewater treatment. Our product lineup, featuring the Spiralift® series and the Screenmaster® models, represents our commitment to engineering excellence and environmental responsibility. These systems are designed for optimal performance, ease of maintenance, and adaptability, effectively handling, separating, and processing solids in wastewater. With cutting-edge technology and robust design, Franklin Miller's equipment stands as a testament to our dedication to quality and efficiency in wastewater management.

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Wide Variety Of Models

From coarse to fine screening, channel screening, internally fed drum screens and septage receiving, Franklin Miller has a system to meet your application requirements. Our screens are tough, reliable and provide industry leading performance. Our products include SPIRALIFT® series auger screens and SCREENMASTER® series coarse and fine screens. Feel free to contact us for a specific recommendation for your application.

Screenmaster CS

The SCREENMASTER® CS  is adept at providing efficient cleaning for bar screen racks and removing solids from rectangular channel installations. Its design is elegantly simple, ensuring high operational efficiency with minimal power usage. This unit operates on a front clean/front return principle, which enhances its effectiveness. The SCREENMASTER® CS is also designed for ease of installation, whether in new or existing channel setups. Its installation at a 75° inclination results in a very small footprint, making it an ideal choice for space-constrained environments. This combination of efficiency, ease of installation, and compact design makes the SCREENMASTER® CS a practical solution for a variety of wastewater treatment applications.

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Spiralift SL

The SPIRALIFT® headworks screening systems from Franklin Miller are expertly designed to efficiently separate and transport solids in both wastewater and septage environments. Available as a comprehensive solution, the SPIRALIFT includes an array of functionalities such as screening, washing, conveying, and grinding, all integrated with a robust TASKMASTER® grinder. This grinder is adept at breaking down solids into fine particles, effectively loosening biological material, and increasing the surface area for more efficient processing. The resulting finely-ground solids are optimally prepared for further processing by the SPIRALIFT's screw screen. Tailored to meet diverse installation needs, the SPIRALIFT system can be installed in concrete channels or housed within a fully enclosed stainless steel tank, among other customizable options. Renowned for their exceptional quality, meticulous attention to detail, ease of maintenance, and superior engineering, Franklin Miller's SPIRALIFT screening systems have earned the trust and preference of industry professionals globally.

Spiralift SC

The SPIRALIFT® SC efficiently washes, compacts, and deodorizes screenings, suitable for both new and existing mechanical bar screen installations. It enhances screenings output by discharging processed solids as ground, uniform particles in a compacted form, ready for disposal. The core of this system is the robust TASKMASTER® Screenings Grinder, which grinds solids into small sizes for intensive washing, effectively removing contaminants and organics. These washed solids are then compacted and conveyed by a powerful screw press, with organics being returned to the flow, ensuring an efficient and effective treatment process.

Screenmaster RT

The Screenmaster® RT, an integral part of Franklin Miller's wastewater treatment solutions, is designed for efficient and smooth operation. Its corrosion-resistant construction ensures durability and reliability. Ideal for both municipal and industrial applications, this rotary drum screen handles high flow rates with ease, offering fine screening to remove solids effectively. Its compact design allows for easy integration into existing systems, making it a versatile choice for enhancing wastewater treatment processes with minimal maintenance needs. The Screenmaster® RT exemplifies Franklin Miller's commitment to delivering high-quality, efficient wastewater management solutions.

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