Receiving and Dispensing Stations

Franklin Miller provides an extensive range of Receiving and Dispensing Stations, encompassing Bulk Water Fill Stations, Septage Receiving Stations, and Airport Receiving Stations. Each of these options is fully compatible with our HaulerLogic Software and Hauler Station Controls, offering unparalleled flexibility in billing and interface capabilities.

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HAULERPORT Bulk Water Fill Station

Franklin Miller's HAULERPORT Bulk Water Fill Stations provide an automated solution for water dispensing, allowing for unattended operation. Available in various models to meet specific output needs, these stations come with a pre-assembled equipment enclosure and a touchscreen control system. They can be integrated with HAULERLOGIC software for centralized account management and transaction monitoring or equipped with a simple credit card payment system.

Airport Receiving Station

The TASKMASTER Airport Receiving Station by Franklin Miller is a specialized system designed for efficient and environmentally compliant offloading of airport blue water. Installed below grade, the unit seamlessly integrates with the tarmac or floor and features an automatic control system. Optional Hauler Station control with card swipe authorization and receipt printing is also available. The system includes a heavy-duty TASKMASTER twin-shaft grinder, quick-connect flange, and a drain system, among other features. Additional options like a pH monitor and SPIRALIFT SR screening system can be added. The all-in-one solution minimizes the workload on both plant personnel and equipment.

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Septage Receiving Station

Franklin Miller offers comprehensive septage receiving stations designed for the efficient treatment of septic tank waste and industrial sludge. These modular systems are customizable and come equipped with standard features like a pipe manifold, valve, flow meter, and an integrated Hauler Station Control System with HaulerLogic software for streamlined operations. Optional enhancements include system enclosures, pH monitors, and a combined TASKMASTER® grinder and SPIRALIFT® SR screening system. The Hauler Station control automates the receiving process, allowing haulers secure, personnel-free access, complete with transaction tracking and receipt printing. HaulerLogic software enables centralized transaction monitoring and account management, scalable across multiple stations.

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