Airport Receiving Station

Airport Receiving Station

The TASKMASTER Airport Receiving Station (AS) is a self-contained, airport receiving station built especially for airport blue water service. This provides for the clean and efficient offloading of blue water while processing the solids to eliminate flow difficulties. The use of the TASKMASTER AS helps airports meet environment regulations. It can be used for one or multiple terminals.


  • A heavy-duty TASKMASTER twin-shaft grinder
  • A quick connect flange and access port
  • Drain system, pipe trap and discharge flange
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The AS unit is installed below grade with upper desk flush with tarmac or floor. It quickly goes to work providing an efficient and dependable means for receiving and processing of lavatory waste in a clean and convenient manner. It's supplied QD quick coupler allows the operator to quickly connect to the system. The AS system is provided with an automatic control system and optionally a Hauler Station control with a card swipe authorization and receipt printing capability.

Included in the AS Airport Receiving Station is a heavy-duty TASKMASTER twin-shaft grinder in a self-contained enclosure built for below grade installation, a quick connect flange and access port, drain system, pipe trap and discharge flange along with a standard S260 Automatic Control system or optional S260-SRH Hauler Station Control.


In addition to the standard equipment, the Franklin Miller system includes such options as: a system enclosure,  ph monitor, TASKMASTER grinder and SPIRALIFT SR screening and washing system.  When coupled with the SPIRALIFT SR grinding and screening system, the HAULERMASTER provides a complete turn-key solution for automating the receiving of septage into a sewage plant headworks without burdening either plant personnel or equipment.

The Franklin Miller receiving station is the only system to have  grinders, screens, controllers, and software supplied by one company which creates a system with unparalleled capabilities.


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