TASKMASTER® Fish Shredding System

TASKMASTER® Fish Shredding System

Seafood wastewater, high in TSS and biological oxygen demand (BOD), must be processed and treated. Thawing, eviscerating, washing, pre-cooking, spray cooling, solution filling, can washing and sterilization lead to a lot of wastewater. TASKMASTER® Grinders and the SCREENMASTER® Rotary Drum Screen process and treat the wastewater to meet discharge.

Fish that are caught or harvested in the wild or from aquaculture or fish farming frequently need to be processed prior to end use. Fish grinders often play an important role in this processing. These grinders are often used for rendering, to produce fishmeal, organic fertilizer, hydrolysate, or for as part of the process of extraction of fish oil. Grinders are also used to prepare fish waste for disposal.


  • Precision Cutters
  • Unique Cleaning Comb Design
  • Planetary Reducer
  • A Choice of Cutters
  • Rugged Spline Shaft and Gears
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Franklin Miller TASKMASTER® twin-shaft grinders serve an important role in fish and fish waste processing worldwide. These units help ship-based and land-based fish processing plants enhance efficiency, cut downtime and meet Marpol disposal regulations. They provide protection of plant equipment from fouling, clogging and damage. These versatile grinders feature robust construction. With their sealed design, they can be used in environments with high moisture.


TASKMASTER grinders can be configured to macerate the entire fish, including the head into an output that resembles a mashed substance. They can also process shellfish such as lobster carcasses. The TASKMASTER is the perfect choice for obliterating Asian carp, which threaten the environment.

The TASKMASTER series fish grinders are available with drives from 3HP (2.2kw) up to 75HP (56kw) to meet a wide range of requirements and capacities.

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