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Latest News

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Powerful Crusher with New Enclosed Stainless Steel Stand and Hinged Hopper

The DELUMPER 1075 LP Crusher reduces hard or soft, heat sensitive, sticky or wet agglomerates and lumps at high volume without degrading the material or causing rise in temperature. The unit is available with a variety of auxiliary equipment.  This unit was provided with a fully enclosed stainless steel stand and a special pivoted hopper. This hinged hopper that tilts allows […]

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By Brad Dawson
Rubber & Plastics News Staff

Size-reduction machinery manufacturer Franklin Miller Inc. has filled a necessary niche with its equipment designed for the rubber industry, most notably the VULCANATOR®-brand granulator, which can reduce rubber without typical heat buildup.

The machine employs a unique low friction, low-heat-rise design, eliminating the need of many granulators for expensive auxiliary cooling systems, said Franklin Miller […]

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Case Studies

Case Studies


DIMMINUTOR® Saves Monterey County Time, Money, and Manpower

The pump stations at Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency (MRWPCA) were having a problem with their channel grinders. The twin-shaft, drum-style channel grinders were used in the ten pump stations in the region that feed into the main Monterey Regional plant.

The plant is located in northern Monterey County, California, on 100 acres, and has a capacity to treat 29.6 […]

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Delumper® Aids in Polymer Production

Steel Fire Equipment in Ontario, Canada, needed help with their polymer production. The plant produces polymer for fire extinguishers. The pneumatic production system processes chemicals that often clump and sometimes even form into stone. They needed a crusher that could break up these chunks or the material would not flow through the system and the entire process would come to […]

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Fats, Oils, and Grease Receiving

F.O.G. has become a valuable feed stock for the production of energy. Franklin Miller FOG receiving stations are complete systems designed to help in the receiving, measuring and processing of FOG (fats, oils and grease).These systems grind, condition and optionally screen fats, oil and grease prior to anaerobic digestion or other plant processes. With a Franklin Miller FOG Station, a […]

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Fish and Seafood

Taskmaster Fish and Seafood Shredder can handle the toughest fish and seafood. Our shredders help ships and other fish processing plants improve efficiency and disposal. The TASKMASTER TM8500 grinders set the standard for effective solids reduction, reliability and ease of maintenance. These units combine unique construction features with outstanding performance to provide optimal protection of plant processes and equipment as well […]

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Taskmaster® Twin Shaft Shredders quickly and efficiently reduce light or heavy sheet metal products. They reduce steel drums to strips, shred sheet metal, cut discharge scrap volume, and handle many other metal products. These high torque low speed shredders have a long history of helping with metal recycling, recovery, and destruction. Taskmaster Shredders are designed to provide effective operation with low […]

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Franklin Miller Delumper® Crushers crush and deagglomerate coal, fly ash, minerals and other mining byproducts with ease. The units are heavily built for durability and typically configured with extended rotating teeth in single or multiple shaft configurations with large throat openings Delumper® crushers have a long history of reliability and performance crushing tough mined materials down to desired output size. […]

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Watewater Treatment Plant

Franklin Miller manufactures a complete line of wastewater grinders and screens, designed to match the specific needs and varying application requirements of treatment plants. The Taskmaster®, Dimminutor®, and Super Shredder® grinders are specifically designed to reduce oversized solids in wastewater systems. […]

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