Electronic Waste Shredders

Franklin Miller TASKMASTER® shredders offer industry-leading solutions for secure e-waste disposal and recycling. Efficiently process electronic waste like hard drives, PCBs, and more while ensuring data security and environmental safety.

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Sustainable Solutions

At Franklin Miller, our sustainable recycling solutions for electronic waste are designed with the environment in mind. Our shredders efficiently convert electronic scrap into reusable materials, dramatically reducing the volume of waste destined for landfills. This process not only conserves valuable natural resources but also minimizes the ecological footprint of electronic waste disposal. By focusing on sustainability, we help our clients actively participate in environmental conservation, ensuring that the valuable components of e-waste are recycled and reused, while harmful elements are properly managed. Our commitment to sustainable practices reflects our dedication to a cleaner, greener future.

Unique Shredding

Our shredders reduce e-waste to a desired output size while minimizing dusting.  With a TASKMASTER® shredder, there’s no need for recirculating screens. Solids pass straight through the cutting chamber with a once-through shredding action, thereby maximizing throughput and reducing wear.

We offer a variety of unique solutions including shredding and conveying systems with smart controls for optimal processing, single as well as dual stage systems for primary as well as secondary fine shredding, clean operation for quick product changeover, a choice of unique cutter configurations, super-tough cutter alloys and more. We can also tailor our equipment to fit in your unique plant configuration.

Our shredders are known worldwide for their efficient, reliable and durable designs. When you choose Franklin Miller, you are assured a robust and dependable shredder.

Efficient Processing

Franklin Miller TASKMASTER® shredders help companies and municipalities meet end of life (EOL) requirements for electronic waste also known as e-waste. Our shredders and systems are used to help dispose, recycle and demanufacture waste electronics as well as for secure data destruction.

Electronic waste (e-waste) can be problematic to process. Our team of problem solvers have created TASKMASTER® industrial shredders and systems that are designed to quickly and efficiently reduce electronic waste and scrap. These rugged shredders are specifically designed to protect data, facilitate recycling and handle large volumes of waste.

Applications for Franklin Miller Electronic Waste Shredders include hard drives, printed circuit boards and motherboards, electronic components, cell phones, servers, printers, and much more.

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The Industry

What Is E-Waste

Each year millions of cellphones, computers and more reach the end of their useful life. When discarded, those materials become e-waste. E-waste includes cell phones, printed circuit boards,  computers, hard drives, video games, electronic chips, computer accessories, electronic components of all sorts, appliances, radios, ink cartridges, office equipment such as printers, copiers and fax machines and more.

Franklin Miller shredding equipment plays an important role in the processing of e-waste. From coarse shredders of bulky items to the fine shredding for processing and sampling employing multi-stage shredders, FMI has a solution that fits the bill.

Why Recycling E-Waste Is Important

Because so much e-waste and e-scrap is being improperly disposed of , e-waste contamination is becoming a very large problem. Contaminants from e-waste such as lead, arsenic and mercury can leach into water supplies and land causing a major hazard to health and the planet. By recycling, not only are we preserving the planet we can recover many valuable materials and protecting our data.  Materials such as gold, silver, plastic, aluminum and glass can be recovered. Franklin Miller shredders play an essential role in processing e-waste and e-scrap.

Data Security

Computers, tablets, hard drives and phones contain sensitive private data that must be protected. Improper disposal of electronics can get this data into the wrong hands. TASKMASTER® shredders reduce hard drives to small bits which is the surest way to secure your data.

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