Hemp Shredders

Franklin Miller Shredders take hemp fresh from the field and produce an output ready for extraction. When paired with a dryer or air drying, we offer complete systems to get you up and ready with a fast, reliable and efficient operation which produces the highest yield for your product.

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Extraction Ready

Franklin Miller has experience getting a wide hemp sized for a wide variety of extraction methods including CO2, ethanol, and more. Whether you are looking to extract CBD or other cannabis, our Taskmaster® Shredders can help. Our slow speed Taskmaster® Shredders gently reduce the hemp down to size. This prevents loss and prevents the final oil from have a darker color.

At Franklin Miller we can optimize our size reduction processors to meet the output size requirements of your application.

Wet or Dry Hemp

Our TASKMASTER® Shredders can shred wet or dry hemp with ease, down to a 5/16" particle size. Our versatile shredders can be installed in a plant or in the field in order to facilitate the production of CBD and other hemp extracts.

Because wet hemp applications require a drying process before the oils can be extracted, using a shredder prior to drying can help expedite the process considerably. Shredding renders the hemp into smaller, fast drying particles making the overall process more efficient. The smaller particle size also reduces the risk of build-up inside the dryers, which is a potential fire hazard.

When paired with a DEFINER Knife Mill, Franklin Miller Hemp Size Reduction processors can further process hemp to your specifications.

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Twin Shaft Shredders

Our powerful shredders are used for both improved CO2 Extraction and for safer and more efficient drying. We offer both single and dual stage configurations for output down to 5/16". Wet or dry hemp TASKMASTER® Shredders are the industry leaders in hemp shredding and size reduction.

Our shredders can handle any hemp processing application including the whole hemp plant, stalks, stems, leaves and root balls. These powerful shredders are a clean and quiet alternative to a gas-powered wood chipper. They typically employ up to a 30 HP motor and gear drive, and are supplied complete with a stand, hopper and automatic reversing controller. Infeed or discharge conveyor systems are available as an optional add-on.

Franklin Miller’s TASKMASTER® shredders have proprietary cutter and cleaning combs designs that are made to process and cut through plant material without wrapping. TASKMASTER® shredders are designed to able to handle both stringy and resinous plant materials, such as hemp or cannabis.

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