Wood Pallet Shredders

The TASKMASTER® series of industrial pallet shredders are designed to significantly alleviate the cost and burden of pallet disposal. These durable machines effectively reduce the size of pallets into smaller, manageable fragments, facilitating easier disposal or recycling. These shredders are not only cost-effective but also provide a quick return on investment by decreasing the need for frequent and voluminous waste collection services. Additionally, they contribute to the cleanliness and appearance of your property by removing accumulated, unsightly, and potentially unsanitary wooden pallets.

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Robust Construction

Franklin Miller's TASKMASTER® industrial shredders, like the XL and TM3000, demonstrate robust construction, essential for efficient wood pallet shredding. These machines feature heavy-duty design elements such as a low speed, high torque shredding action, oversize shafts, high strength bearings, and heat-treated alloy steel construction. This design ensures long life and reliable service, making them an ideal choice for both small and large-scale operations. Their ability to shred full pallets, including nails, underlines their durability and effectiveness in reducing waste volume and enhancing property hygiene


The powerful TASKMASTER® XL industrial pallet shredder can substantially reduce the expense of disposing pallets, by reducing their bulk volume. This machine can quickly pay for itself be reducing the amount of weekly waste containers needed, as well as eliminating unsightly and unhygienic pallets from your property. The XL is simple in design and easy to operate. It features a low speed, high-torque shredding action.

The XL cutters shred pallets with nails and all! It’s heavy construction, oversize shaft and high strength bearings assure long life and reliable service.

Taskmaster TM3000

The TASKMASTER® TM3000, quickly and efficiently cuts wood pallets and a wide variety of materials down to size. This high-torque, low-speed industrial shredder has long history of helping with pallet destruction, wood recovery and reclamation.

It has such heavy construction features as 5.5″ heat-treated alloy steel hexagonal shafting, 2″ cam cutters, heavy steel plate and channel body construction, and planetary gear drive.

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