TASKMASTER® XL Pallet Shredder

TASKMASTER® XL Pallet Shredder

The TASKMASTER XL shredder effectively shreds entire natural wood pallets to reduce their bulk volume. This unit can substantially reduce the expense of disposing of pallets. With the XL, there are no drive belts to replace or re-tension. Instead, it  features a smooth running gear drive which is simple to operate. This unit is designed to be easy to use and easy to maintain. Its hopper automatically directs the pallet into the cutting chamber.  An automatic reversing control makes operation simple.


  • Easy to Use and Train Operators
  • Dramatically Reduces Storage and Disposal Costs
  • Automatic Control System
  • Few Moving Parts
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Innovative Design

The Taskmaster XL Pallet Shredder embodies innovation with its robust cutting mechanism, tailored for high-efficiency and durability. It features a unique high-torque, low-speed cutting action, allowing it to handle a variety of materials with ease.

This design minimizes wear and tear while maximizing throughput, making it an ideal solution for businesses seeking a reliable, long-lasting shredding solution. Its ability to consistently process tough pallets into smaller, manageable pieces highlights its commitment to operational excellence and sustainability.


The TASKMASTER XL is ruggedly constructed of carbon steel and has a heavy epoxy coating. The unit is supplied complete with stand, hopper and controls. Its streamlined design features a direct coupled gear drive which is smooth running and simple to operate. With the XL, there are no drive belts to re-tension. The XL features a single pallet hopper which directs the pallet into the cutting chamber.

Proudly manufactured in the USA, the TASKMASTER XL ensures local availability of support and spare parts, guaranteeing uninterrupted service and maintenance. This aspect underscores the commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, making the TASKMASTER XL an invaluable asset in industrial settings.


Optional equipment includes forklift waste hoppers, or a choice of discharge conveyors to automatically transport the output into waste containers.

This is a quality product of the USA, so support and spare parts are available locally.

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