Food Processing Equipment

Franklin Miller specializes in size reduction processors that are essential in the processing of food, food ingredients, food waste, food disposal, de-packaging, recycling, and more. These processors include DELUMPER® Crushers for conditioning powders, TASKMASTER® Shredders for cutting foodstuffs and waste, and the Franklin Miller ROLLER MILL for grinding various items.

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DELUMPER® Crushers

DELUMPER® Crushers are designed to condition lumpy powders, making them uniform and free-flowing for consistent processing and conveying. The DELUMPER S4 specifically caters to applications requiring full cleaning or material changeovers. These crushers come in various configurations and finishes, including 304L and 316L stainless steel, and can be either sanitary or non-sanitary.


TASKMASTER® Shredders efficiently cut various food items and waste materials. These shredders are ideal for processing, disposal, or composting, and are capable of handling different forms of waste, including vegetables, fruits, and even table scraps. The TASKMASTER®, coupled with an auger feeder, reduces these materials to a fine consistency, aiding in composting and biogas production.

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Industrial Strength Solutions

The Franklin Miller ROLLER MILL is designed for industrial strength reliability, grinding items like salt, pepper, coffee, grains, and spices. Additionally, Franklin Miller has a track record of successful food processing applications, including in cocoa butter processing, cocoa bean processing, freeze-dried mushrooms, meat processing, and processing large enzyme cakes. Their equipment is well-suited for various scales, from small to large applications.


Mill Grains, Salt and More

The Franklin Miller ROLLER MILL is a modern design mill that features top quality and rugged construction. These mills reduce such items as salt, pepper, coffee, grains and spices to exacting mesh sizes in a narrow output size distribution. This mill is built heavy for industrial strength reliability.

Unload Bags and Freshen Contents

Franklin Miller offers unique bag or bulk bag unloading solutions. Our unloaders are fully integrated with our world-class DELUMPER crushers for simultaneous unloading and product conditioning. We can also provide them complete with conveyors, scales and more for a full system solution.

Deagglomerate Caked Powders and Frozen Foods

Caking can cause uneven dispersion and processing difficulties. DELUMPER® Crushers can instantly condition lumpy powders, making them uniform and free flowing for dependable conveying and processing. When keeping your system running smoothly is a priority, a DELUMPER processor takes the cake. With a DELUMPER brand size reduction processor, you are getting a unit built to the highest standards for quality and reliability.

Shred, Recycle & De-package Expired Goods

The TASKMASTER® TM2342 delivers remarkable shredding capabilities on a wide range of bulky solids and foodstuff at high volume. It can be fed manually, by conveyor or even by a bucket loader. This powerful shredder can reduce packaging such as boxes and containers, in under 15 seconds. The TM2342 is ruggedly constructed for minimal maintenance. The unit is supplied complete with stand, hopper and automatic reversing controller.

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