The DELUMPER® S4 series sanitary crushers feature precision operation, easy interior access, clean-in-place capability, quick changeover of cutting elements, and a meticulously polished finish. Their cantilevered drive and convenient side door provides fast and easy access to the interior of the cutting chamber. This eliminates the necessity of removing the drive in order to access or remove the interior cutting elements.


  • Precision Operation
  • Convenient Side Access Door
  • Polished Interior (Optional)
  • Cantilevered Drive Support
  • Low Profile Design
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Designed and built to meet the highest quality standards, the DELUMPER® S4 features a one-piece, stainless steel body with all surfaces and welds meticulously polished. There are no interior crevices where product can accumulate or stagnate. Precision machined and balanced for low vibration and noise, the DELUMPER® S4 delivers the utmost in smooth and precise operation.

Low Maintenance:

The S4 employs a direct gear drive for smooth and quiet operation as well as low maintenance. The unit features a Teflon shaft seal to protect bearings and keep the product in the chamber. The drum can be quickly removed for cleaning or change-out. The drum with teeth and shaft are one piece with all fasteners located outside the cutting chamber.


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