The DELUMPER® L series crushers reduce products to a desired output size with a positive, once through, chopping action. Cutting teeth mounted to a smooth drum rotate through sizing combs to process agglomerates and reduce over-sized particles to their basic grain size without over-grind, heat rise or fines.


  • Low Friction Cutter Design
  • Individually Replaceable Teeth
  • Heavy Duty Precision Construction
  • High Capacity
  • Minimal Fines
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The DELUMPER L Crusher

DELUMPER L series crushers have specially designed teeth mounted on a smooth, rotating drum which intermesh with sizing combs, reducing solids to their basic grain size without overgrind, heat rise or fines. This unit runs at low speed and creates little vibration or noise.


DELUMPER L lump breakers reduce lumps, crush minerals, improve product consistency, facilitate mixing, drying and conveying, and keep process lines running smoothly. These units have extraordinary processing capabilities on a wide range of materials including chemicals, sugar, food, minerals, urea, ammonium nitrate, salts, colors, plastics, pharmaceuticals and more. DELUMPER L Series crushers typically employ no screens.


These units feature a heavy, one piece rectangular body with wide connecting flanges, shaft seals, extra heavy bearings for long life and fully polished interior on stainless units. Each unit is precisely built, assembled, balanced, and aligned to exacting standards for smooth operation.


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DELUMPER Crushers are fitted with a choice of coarse or fine teeth and combs. “LM” units have additional teeth sets for higher capacities. Units are supplied with or without drive in carbon or stainless steel construction. Special available cutter configurations include: abrader design, ice pick teeth, comb arrays and wax blast design. Special dual or triple shaft units can be supplied. Other sizes, alloys and configurations are accommodated.

A unique hardfacing option is available for extended cutter life under abrasive conditions.

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