DELUMPER® LP crushers reduce hard or soft, heat sensitive, sticky or wet agglomerates and lumps at high volume. These straight-through units employ extended cutting teeth that rotate completely through a heavy bar cage. Oversized solids up to the unit’s full input opening size are reduced by this powerful processor. With each rotation, the teeth clean the slot openings making the unit automatically self-clearing. Optional hardfacing is available.


  • Low Friction Cutter Design
  • Individually Replaceable Teeth
  • High Capacity, Heavy Construction
  • Handles Sticky, Tough or Abrasive Materials

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DELUMPER LP crushers reduce hard or soft, heat sensitive, sticky or wet agglomerates and lumps in high volume. The DELUMPER LP has an exceptionally low-friction cutting action that is excellent for large quantities of sludge cake, agglomerated chemicals, fats, waxes, plants, waste and more.


The Delumper LP crusher by Franklin Miller stands out in the industry for its exceptional versatility and robust construction. Designed to handle a wide range of materials, it efficiently processes everything from chemicals to food products. Its adaptability is showcased in its ability to manage wet, sticky, or dry substances, making it ideal for diverse industries. The crusher's availability in various sizes and configurations, including different shaft options, allows for customization to specific needs. With a capacity of up to 800 tons per hour, it's built for high efficiency. Its durable construction materials and optional features, like temperature suitability and different drives, add to its appeal. The Delumper LP is distinguished by its innovative features such as low friction cutter design and replaceable teeth, ensuring longevity and ease of maintenance.


DELUMPER® LP models are provided in a number of configurations to fit many application requirements. Standard units are supplied with belt drive, foot mounted motor, guard and adjustable motor plate. Optional single or multiple direct driven units can be supplied. Units are available with or without stand and hopper. The DELUMPER® LP is available in carbon steel, T304L and T316L stainless steel construction, as well as other special alloys. These units can be supplied for high temperature operation. Any Franklin Miller DELUMPER® can be supplied as part of a complete engineered system including automatic controls, conveyors and other devices to meet your application requirement.

A unique hardfacing option is available for extended cutter life under abrasive conditions.


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