Super Shredder®

Super Shredder®

The Franklin Miller Super Shredder® stands at the forefront of in-line maceration, transforming wastewater solids into fine particles with its high-flow, spherical rotor design that minimizes headloss and maximizes throughput. Invisible to flow, it is a silent warrior in the battle against clogging and system disruptions.


  • Reduces Tough Wastewater Solids
  • High-flow
  • Spherical Rotor Design
  • Stainless Steel Rotor
  • Low Speed, High Torque Design
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SUPER SHREDDER Inline Disintegrator

The SUPER SHREDDER easily installs into straight-through pipe systems via 150 lb. flanges. It quickly goes to work reducing solids such as wood, rags, sludge, wipes, paper and plastics. The SUPER SHREDDER stops pumps and valves from ragging and plugging, protects filter presses from expensive punctures and incomplete dewatering and protects centrifuge operation. It can process waste sludge, agglomerates, oil solids, animal waste, paint sludge, pulp and paper, tannery waste, fish scrap, dredge and more.

Benefits and Advantages

The Franklin Miller Super Shredder® is a powerhouse in waste management, delivering a multitude of operational benefits:

  • Superior Efficiency: Our unique low-speed, high-torque grinding technology ensures swift and thorough reduction of solids, significantly enhancing throughput while reducing energy consumption.
  • Advanced Clog Prevention: The spherical rotor design, coupled with precision cutting actions, effectively prevents blockages, ensuring uninterrupted system operation and reducing the need for manual intervention.
  • Long-Term Durability: Chrome Boride Hardfacing on the cutting surfaces offers exceptional wear resistance, prolonging the unit's lifespan even in abrasive environments and reducing the frequency of replacements.
  • Operational Flexibility: Adaptable to a range of applications, the Super Shredder can process a diverse array of materials, from organic waste to tough solids, without compromising performance.
  • Economical Maintenance: Designed with ease of maintenance in mind, the unit allows for quick servicing, minimizing downtime and operational costs.
  • Environmental Impact: By enhancing the efficiency of waste processing, the Super Shredder contributes to a smaller carbon footprint for your facility.
  • Expert Support: Franklin Miller’s dedicated support team is available to assist with any operational needs, ensuring that your shredder continues to operate at peak efficiency.
  • Streamlined Installation: The Super Shredder integrates seamlessly into existing pipelines via standard 150 lb. flanges, facilitating easy and cost-effective installation.

With these advantages, the Super Shredder not only improves the functionality of waste management systems but also contributes to the overall reliability and cost-effectiveness of the operations it supports.


The SUPER SHREDDER utilizes a low speed and high torque action to chop, grind and shred solids into fine bits that can be easily processed by downstream equipment. Its innovative open-center spherical rotor design maintains a high percentage of open area—making this unit practically invisible to the flow. In fact, it can handle higher flows than any other inline grinder available. As the rotating cutting edges precisely intermesh with stationary cutters at close clearance, solids are finely reduced with a scissor-like action. This unique design effectively handles round, even-shaped solids as well as irregular objects.

The SUPER SHREDDER, coupled with Franklin Miller Chrome Boride Hardfacing, makes it excellent for long life in abrasive service.


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