The TASKMASTER® TM6500 is a ruggedly constructed twin shaft grinder that features a highly compact design. The TM6500 offers excellent grinding performance for protection of pumps, valves, centrifuges, and more in sludge and raw sewage applications.

The TM6500 is designed from top to bottom for easy maintenance. It features unique CUTTER CARTRIDGE® technology for high strength and fewer moving parts. With its true drop-in flange housing design, the cutter assembly can be removed for maintenance without disturbing the pipeline and without the use of bottom bolts, plates or gaskets. The TM6500 also features highly reliable mechanical seals located in convenient bearing/seal cartridges.


  • A Choice of Cutter Profiles
  • 2 HP (1.5kW) Motor
  • Gear Reducer and Separate Motor
  • Shaft Extension
  • Mounting Frames
  • 4" x 6" Flanges
  • Flange Spacers
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The TASKMASTER TM6500 Grinder

The effective and economical TASKMASTER TM6500 compact grinder is equipped with hardened, alloy steel cutters and tungsten carbide seal faces for high performance with a small footprint.


With CUTTER CARTRIDGE® technology, individual cutter and individual spacer disks  are combined into high strength, one piece elements. This design eliminates weak individual cutter and spacer disks, greatly increasing unit strength. With CUTTER CARTRIDGE® technology, there’s no stack retightening required, no shaft scoring problems and no catastrophic stack collapse – problems found with other units.

The TM6500 is provided standard for 4” (100mm) pipe sizes. Other configurations can be provided for 6” (150mm) pipe sizes as well as open channels.

Cutter Cartridge Advantage

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TM6500 Dimensions

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