SPIRALIFT® SC Washer / Compactor

SPIRALIFT® SC Washer / Compactor

The Spiralift SC Screenings Washer Compactor is an advanced and efficient solution designed for the treatment and compaction of screenings in wastewater applications. This innovative system integrates the processes of washing, dewatering, compacting, and transporting screenings in a single unit, ensuring optimal performance and ease of operation.


  • SPIRALIFT® SC is provided complete with hopper
  • Provided shredder
  • Provided solenoid valves
  • Provided spray manifolds and controller
  • Uniform particles in a compacted plug
  • Ideally conditioned for disposal
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The Spiralift SC effectively reduces the volume and weight of screenings by removing organic matter, which results in significant cost savings in disposal and transportation. The system features a robust stainless steel construction, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion, making it suitable for both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants.

Key components of the Spiralift SC include a powerful auger, a perforated washing zone, and a compaction zone. The screenings are conveyed by the auger through the washing zone, where they are thoroughly cleaned and organic matter is removed. The cleaned screenings are then compacted, reducing their volume by up to 50%. The compacted screenings are discharged as a dry, odorless mass, facilitating easy handling and disposal.


The operation of the Spiralift SC Screenings Washer Compactor is designed to be efficient, straightforward, and highly effective in managing wastewater screenings. The process begins with the grinding of screenings to ensure optimal size reduction and ease of handling throughout the subsequent steps.

  1. Grinding: Screenings are first introduced into the unit where they are ground to a manageable size. This grinding step ensures that larger and more fibrous materials are broken down, preventing clogs and facilitating smoother processing.
  2. Screenings Conveyance: The ground screenings are then transported by a robust and durable auger through the washing zone. The auger is engineered to handle various types of screenings, ensuring consistent movement and preventing clogging.
  3. Washing Zone: In the washing zone, the screenings are subjected to high-pressure washing to remove organic matter and other contaminants. This step is crucial for reducing the volume and odor of the screenings. The perforated section in this zone allows for the effective separation of organic and inorganic materials.
  4. Compaction Zone: After washing, the cleaned screenings are moved into the compaction zone. Here, the screenings are compacted by the auger, significantly reducing their volume. The compaction process not only decreases the bulk of the screenings but also ensures they are dry and easy to handle.
  5. Discharge: The compacted screenings are finally discharged as a dry, odorless mass. This facilitates easy handling and disposal, significantly reducing disposal costs and improving overall efficiency in wastewater management.


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More Details

The SPIRALIFT SC is provided complete with hopper, shredder, tank enclosure, solenoid valves, spray manifolds and controller. The PLC- based controller monitors and integrates the entire system. The SPIRALIFT SC is provided in several models: The SC1620 features a 10HP TASKMASTER shredder and a 3HP shaft mounted auger drive. It handles up to 175 ft3/hr of solids. The SC8520 features a 5HP grinder, 3HP auger drive for up to 50 ft3/hr of solids. Other sizes can be provided as well.

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