Quad Shaft Shredders

Franklin Miller's Quad Shaft Shredders are designed with four counterrotating shafts that ensure a consistent and uniform particle size for a variety of demanding applications. These state-of-the-art shredders are engineered for maximum efficiency, making them ideal for handling tough materials with ease. Each component is crafted with precision, highlighting our commitment to durability and innovation. Whether you're processing industrial waste, recycling materials, or handling other challenging tasks, our Quad Shaft Shredders provide reliable performance and long-lasting value.

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Key Shredding Features

  • Cutter Material: We use premium 4140 cutter material for unmatched cutting efficiency.
  • Gearbox and Protection: Equipped with an inline planetary gearbox and integrated overfeed and overload protection, our shredders offer both safety and durability.
  • Advanced Shredding Technology: Features include contoured screens for uniform particle size, low-speed, high torque design for bulky materials, lower heat and dust generation, and removable screens of varying diameters.
  • Electric Drive System: Our Quad Shaft Shredders are powered by a robust electric drive, ensuring consistent performance.
  • Versatility: Capable of both primary and secondary shredding, our machines can handle diverse shredding needs.


Our Quad Shaft Shredders come with a variety of specifications, customizable to your needs. From horsepower to cutter dimensions, and from shaft diameter to cutting chamber size, we tailor our shredders to meet your specific requirements.

Shredding System Design

Each Quad Shaft Shredding System is custom built. Our engineering team works closely with you to design a shredder that meets your throughput requirements, ensuring optimal performance for your specific application.

Integration with Ancillary Equipment

Franklin Miller's Quad Shaft Shredders can be seamlessly integrated with ancillary equipment, creating comprehensive shredding systems for efficient waste reduction and separation.

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