The TASKMASTER QS2400 Quad Shaft Shredder is a high-capacity industrial shredder, engineered for heavy-duty tasks. It excels in reducing large volumes of various solids, thanks to its low-speed, high-torque functionality. This shredder adeptly handles ripping, tearing, and shredding diverse and challenging materials, significantly downsizing them for efficient processing or disposal.

The QS2400 stands out with its unique ability to process materials in its cutting chamber continuously until they reach a uniformly small size, allowing them to pass through a specially designed sizing screen. This removable screen enhances the QS2400's capabilities, enabling it to function as a precise sizing shredder.


  • Active Shaft Cleaning to Maintain Performance
  • Sizing Screen for Consistent Particle Output
  • Planetary Reducer for Effective Size Reduction
  • Precision Cutters for Effective Shredding

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Efficient Size Reduction

The QS2400 is tailored for various shredding needs that require high power, substantial throat openings, and robust construction, alongside uniform particle size output. It incorporates several advanced features, including hardened precision cutters, planetary reducers, an optional stand and hopper, and a bulk feed capability. The QS2400's design focuses on delivering the highest level of performance and reliability, utilizing premium components and superior engineering.


This shredder is incredibly versatile, suited for processing materials such as aluminum cans, asphalt, cardboard, batteries, chemical and electronic waste, hazardous medical waste, plastics, playground surfaces, rubber, solid or bulky waste, textiles, wood, and more. Its design emphasizes efficient operation with minimal noise, dust, and heat emission, making it a preferred choice for a wide range of industrial shredding requirements.

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