Delumper crushers and lump breakers expertly handle lumps and agglomerates in fertilizer and other agriculture byproducts. Delumper crushers expertly condition fertilizer for next stage processing. Delumper crushers have a long history of helping the agricultural industry improve productivity and performance.

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Biogas is a gas mixture, primarily methane, produced by anaerobic digestion of organic matter. Feedstocks include municipal waste, sewage, food waste and crops. Taskmaster® Twin Shaft Grinders play a key role in the primary reduction of biomass solids prior to their transfer to a digester.

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Cannabis Shredder

Cannabis processing, a growing industry, benefits from a range of TASKMASTER shredders including the versatile TASKMASTER TM8500 and TM1600 series .

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Electronic Waste

Taskmaster e-waste and e-scrap shredders help protect companies from potentially damaging losses and breaches. Taskmaster electronic waste shredders are specifically designed to protect data and handle large volumes of waste.

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Fats, Oil, And Grease Recieving

Taskmaster e-waste and e-scrap shredders help protect companies from potentially damaging losses and breaches. Taskmaster electronic waste shredders are specifically designed to protect data and handle large volumes of waste.

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Phosphate and Potash Crushers

Delumper Phosphate and Potash crushers have a long history of crushing fertilizer components, these include but are not limited to potash, Urea and phosphates. The Delumper Twin and Triple LP use a once through cutting action and produce low heat rise or fines.

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Desert Quarry

Fish Shredders

Taskmaster Fish and Seafood Shredders can handle the toughest fish and seafood. Our shredders help ships and other fish processing plants improve efficiency and disposal. The TASKMASTER TM8500 grinders set the standard for effective solids reduction, reliability and ease of maintenance.

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Food Processing Equipment

Franklin Miller manufactures a full line of size reduction food processing equipment. This includes both Delumper Crushers for powders and other friable materials and Taskmaster Shredders for a wide variety of food components.

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Food Waste

Franklin Miller Taskmaster® food waste shredders and grinders cut foodstuff down to size. Our industrial strength dual shaft grinders can handle all types of food products with ease. These MARPOL complaint grinders can handle a huge variety of food waste in a short period of time.

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Franklin Miller grinders and screens lead the industry in design, reliability and performance. The Taskmaster® twin shaft grinders aggressively reduce liquid borne waste solids to a size more easily handled by downstream equipment.

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Hospitals see a high rate of solids in their sanitary waste lines including wipes and other plastic and cloth materials. Wastewater grinders such as TASKMASTER grinders are employed at the discharge to reduce these solids to a size more acceptable to local sewer districts and less likely to cause plugging of pipes, pumps and at the wastewater plant.

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Industrial Wastewater

Taskmaster® Twin Shaft Grinders are used for a broad range of industrial applications including chemical & pharmaceutical manufacturing, agricultural waste and food processing, plastics, wood, packaging and more. They aid in the safe disposal of sensitive, substandard and hazardous materials, reducing liquid and solid waste, bulk waste solids and sludge and bio solids.

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Jails and Prisons

Correctional facilities require specialized equipment due to the sewage generated daily by large numbers of inmates. The kitchen debris from numerous mealtimes can overwhelm the waste streams. In addition, inmates may attempt to disrupt facility operations by flushing oversized items including bedding and clothing.

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MARPOL regulations require that fish and food waste be reduced to one inch chunks prior to being discharged into the sea. Franklin Miller’s Taskmaster® TM8500 grinders are an integral part of shipboard MARPOL waste compliance. These grinders employ two counter-rotating stacks of cutters that intermesh one with another to reduce a variety of fish and waste materials.

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Medical Waste

Reducing medical waste poses special challenges. Processing must meet stringent regulatory standards for the safe handling of infectious and red bag waste, including precise size reduction to ensure proper sterilization. In addition, the waste is comprised of many different materials, ranging from needles and syringes to disposable rags.

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Medical Waste


Taskmaster® Twin Shaft Shredders quickly and efficiently reduce light or heavy metal products. These high torque low speed shredders have a long history of helping with metal recycling, recovery, and destruction. They can handle many different types of metals with ease including steel drums, sheet metal, metal scrap, and discarded parts.

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Franklin Miller Delumper® Crushers crush and deagglomerate coal, potash, phosphate, fly ash, minerals and other mining byproducts with ease. The units are heavily built for durability and typically configured with extended rotating teeth in single or multiple shaft configurations with large throat openings.

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Franklin Miller manufactures shredders to meet all of the paper industry’s needs. Our Taskmaster Shredders are specifically designed to handle pulp, paper, and other paper mill byproducts. Our low speed high torque shredders are used by paper mills worldwide in order to improve plant efficiency and performance.

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Plastic Bottles

Taskmaster Shredders can handle plastic bottles with ease. With the Taskmaster shredders unique feeding mechanism these shredders handle large volumes of bottles while producing small output particle sizes. These shredders help plants and municipalities reduce disposal cost, aid recycling, and reduce space usage. Taskmaster Shredders are the plastic bottle solution

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Powder and Bulk

Delumper Crushers play an important in the powder and bulk processing. Franklin Miller offers a wide range of crushers, lump breakers mills and particle sizers that improve bulky powder consistency and flow properties in gravity, pneumatic and vacuum systems. Our products can reduce dry, moist, sticky, wet, friable or tough materials that are often difficult to handle.

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Product Depackaging

The Franklin Miller (PRS) Product Recovery System is the innovative leader in product depackaging. The PRS helps manufacturers run more efficiently, lose less product or recover waste for reuse or recycling. Whether is plastic, paper packaging or aluminum cans the PRS can efficiently separate the product and packaging. Recovered materials can be used as a feed stock or for animal food, biofuel production and more.

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Pump Station

Franklin Miller grinders protect pump stations from damaging solids and debris. Whether inline or in channel, Taskmaster®, Super Shredder®, and Dimminutor® grinders are all designed to protect the pumps and keep the pump station operational. Featuring cutter cartridge technology, Taskmaster grinders are easy to maintain and require no cutter stack retightening.

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Pump Station Grinders


Taskmaster® industrial solid waste shredders play a major role at recycling facilities and recycling industries that process heavy loads of material for reuse. The recycling industry has found many uses for shredders such as shredding tires for the recovery of rubber.

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The Franklin Miller Vulcanator® is a specially configured granulator that quickly reduces bales of rubber to desired output particles. . This unit provides major savings in rubber manufacturing by greatly reducing rubber dissolving times thus increasing production rates. The VULCANATOR employs a special design that processes rubber with low heat rise.

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Flushable Wipes

With Franklin Miller’s innovative grinding technology, wipes are no longer a problem and plants are back online and running smoothly. Franklin Miller grinders are a proven solution to this menace. In fact, our equipment is keeping treatment facilities, headworks and pump stations running smoothly nationwide.

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Septage Recieving

The Franklin Miller Spiralift® SR Septage Receiving Station allows for the easy receiving, separating, dewatering and cleaning of septage truck waste. Paired with a Franklin Miller S270-SRH Controller the septage receiving station can handle payments, data processing, and flow monitoring.

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Sludge processing is often the most costly, capital intensive and operationally difficult part of the treatment process. Sludge can be difficult to process and is made more so by the inclusion of foreign solids. Franklin Miller Sludge grinders are inline processors that play an important role in the successful operation of wastewater treatment plants

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New York

Solid Waste

Franklin Miller manufacturers a full line of solid waste shredders. Taskmaster® heavy duty solid shredders offer outstanding performance and reliability. These powerful solid waste shredders can handle waste material products including kitchen waste, metal, tires, steel drums, wood pallets, cardboard, and much more.

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Franklin Miller Taskmaster® TM3000 and TM4000 tire shredders can shred car, off road, and light truck tires with ease. These high torque, low speed tire shredders reduce whole tires down to a desired output size with class leading efficiency. Taskmaster shredders are reliable, field tested, and can reduce tires to size without the need for debeading.

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Wood Pallet Shredders

askmaster® Twin Shaft Shredders quickly and efficiently reduce wood pallets down to size. These high torque low speed shredders have a long history of helping with pallet destruction, wood recovery, and reclamation. They can handle many different types of pallets.

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Wastewater Treatment

Franklin Miller manufactures a complete line of wastewater grinders and screens, designed to match the specific needs and varying application requirements of treatment plants. The Taskmaster®, Dimminutor®, and Super Shredder® grinders are specifically designed to reduce oversized solids in wastewater systems.

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