July 19, 2024

Top 5 Commercial Crushers That Help Manage Waste Production

Jane Cooper

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Commercial crushers and lump breakers use impact and force to reduce solids, lumps and chunks in size.

At Franklin Miller, our DELUMPER® brand machines are used to process wet, sticky, dry, hard or soft substances.

They tear through minerals, chemicals, lumps, agglomerates, ore, filter cake, fertilizers, ash, sugar, food, plastics and more.

If you are looking for the best commercial crushers on the market, you should inspect the five processors highlighted below.

1. Precision Crushers: DELUMPER® L Series

Franklin Miller designed the DELUMPER® series of crushing machines to break down stuck-together input material into smooth and uniform outputs.

This process is suitable for a wide range of applications and works on both wet and dry input materials. The DELUMPER L series crushers reduce products to a desired output size with a positive, once through, chopping action.

They effectively reduce lumps, crush minerals, improve product consistency, facilitate mixing, drying and conveying, all while keeping process lines running smoothly.

An important feature of the L series commercial crusher is that they have cutting teeth that rotate on a smooth drum, and each one is individually replaceable.

2. Powerful & Versatile Crushers: DELUMPER® LP Series

Our DELUMPER® LP crushers reduce hard or soft, heat-sensitive, sticky or wet agglomerates and lumps at high volume.

This machine can handle wet, sticky, dry, hard or soft substances. It is ideal for sticky solids because its long teeth clear the slots as it runs, which ensures that sticky inputs don't clog the tool and keeps production up and running.

It also easily tears through chemicals, lumps, agglomerates, ore, filter cake, ash, sugar, food, plastics and more. Similar to the L series, the LP features individual, replaceable teeth.

3. Ultra Sanitary Crushers: DELUMPER® S4

If you’re looking for the ultimate in sanitation, the DELUMPER® S4 is the right commercial crusher for your needs.

Highlights include precision operation, easy interior access, clean-in-place capability, quick changeover of cutting elements and a meticulously polished finish.

Its convenient side door provides fast and easy access to the interior of the cutting chamber. This feature allows for quick cleaning and maintenance, allowing users to changeover from one product to another without the risk of cross-contamination.

4. Powerful Multi-Shaft Crushers: DELUMPER® Multi-Shaft

The largest-scale production lines need the biggest lump breakers available, and the Franklin Miller DELUMPER® Multi-Shaft LP is the ideal commercial crusher for those enormous jobs.

For even bigger jobs, the Ultra-Heavy-Duty (LP-HD) version is an option, too.

These large crushers come in parallel shaft models of two and three, respectively. Whether input solids are dry, caked, sticky, or wet, the Multi Shaft LP model splits them up into desired sizes.

5. Inline Processing: Pipeline DELUMPER®

Franklin Miller's DELUMPER® series includes an in-line lump breaker, the Pipeline DELUMPER®. The device is compact and easy to install within an enclosed pipe system.

Clogs and blockages from thick sludges and solid chunks within a stream are no threat to the Pipeline DELUMPER®. This powerful crusher handles solids the full size of the pipe.

Using one lowers the chances of time-consuming and expensive plumbing repairs like snaking blockages or, worse, cutting into the pipe to remove blockages.

The DELUMPER® itself is also easy to maintain. Its seal system is within a cartridge that cuts down on the need for complicated maintenance.

The unit comes with a replaceable liner, so you can refresh a Pipeline DELUMPER® many times before replacing it. While homogenizing waste liquids and sludges are typical uses for the Pipeline DELUMPER®, a company could also integrate one into its production process.

Meeting Your Needs

We have extensive knowledge and experience meeting all types of processing needs, and as such, we offer many add-ons and custom options.

To go with our lump breakers and commercial crushers, we offer conveyors, feeders, bag stations, unloaders and more. You can even drop by our test facility to find the right solution best suited for your needs.

To get more information, contact us today.

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