VULCANATOR® Rubber Granulator

VULCANATOR® Rubber Granulator

The VULCANATOR® rubber granulator is specially designed for the rubber and heavy plastics industry. This unit has the unique ability to reduce whole 75 lb. bales of synthetic or natural rubber into small particles. This powerful processor can thus drastically reduce processing time resulting in dramatic cost savings.

The VULCANATOR can handle all types and shapes of vulcanized or non-vulcanized, natural or synthetic rubber including full bales, sheets and chips.


  • Rubber Bales Granulator
  • Low Heat Rise
  • Fine Rubber Granulation
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Reduces Bales of Natural or Synthetic Rubber

The VULCANATOR® is expertly designed to efficiently reduce bales of both natural and synthetic rubber. It is equipped with a specialized low friction cutter design that rapidly processes whole bales into small particles. This innovative approach is effective for a variety of rubber types, including vulcanized and non-vulcanized, in different forms such as full bales, sheets, and chips. The unique design of the VULCANATOR® ensures minimal heat rise during operation, thereby negating the need for a cooling system.


This unit features a unique low friction design that quickly reduces rubber into small bits without the heat rise associated with other designs that require cooling devices. Material is fed into the unit via conveyor or manually. Rugged rotary knives pull the material into the cutting area and disintegrate the slabs to a size fine enough to pass through a special sizing screen. The reduced particles are then expelled from the bottom of the unit.


The KM10 features a motor of up to 60HP (45kw) and can handle various materials including rubber, vinyl, and plastic. Suitable for both new and recycled parts, it's designed for versatility in industrial applications.


Equipped with a motor reaching 150HP (110kw), the KM30 is focused on rubber processing. It quickly reduces full bales of rubber to the desired output size, making it an ideal choice for heavy-duty tasks in rubber-related industries.

Both models provide robust solutions for different industrial needs, with the KM10 offering flexibility for multiple materials, and the KM30 emphasizing efficiency in rubber processing.


The VULCANATOR features heavy-duty fabricated steel construction and a split body design with a hydraulic cylinder for easy interior access. Options include stainless steel construction, pneumatic discharge, liquid seals and more. The KM30 features a 150 HP drive to plow through the toughest rubber bales in high volume. The KM10 features up to 60 HP motor and drive to handle rubber chunks and other materials. Both are available with a variety of rugged screens to produce the desired output.

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