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Taskmaster® TM8500 Grinder

CutCartrev1TASKMASTER® TM8500 grinders sets the standard reliability and durability while delivering class leading performance. These grinders employ cutter cartridge® technology which reduces maintenance and increase unit strength. It achieves this by taking six individual cutters and spacers and combining them into one rugged cartridge. Taskmaster TM8500 sewage grinders can be utilized for many applications including wastewater treatment plant headwords, sludge lines, pump stations,  prison sewer systems and more.

The TASKMASTER TM8500 combines unique construction features with outstanding performance to provide optimal protection of plant processes and equipment as well as trouble-free operation. These versatile, processors finely reduce such materials as rags, plastics, wood, debris, tampons, sanitary napkins, solid waste and more. They are invaluable in plant operations worldwide, keeping pipelines flowing, reducing pump downtime, enhancing screenings handling and protecting dewatering equipment such as centrifuges, filter presses and more.


  • Finely Ground output
  • Cutter Cartridge® Technology
  • No Cutter Stack Retightening Required
  • Class Leading Performance

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