April 26, 2024

The Best Equipment Used for Industrial Metal Shredding

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Are you “shreddy” to learn about metal shredding? We'll begin with the basics.

The best industrial metal shredders you’ll encounter will most likely be twin-shaft metal shredders. They are the industry standard, and are also what we specialize in.

Twin-shaft shredders have a shredding mechanism that looks like two rows of giant, interlocking teeth that eviscerate anything that dares approach. However, not all twin-shaft shredders are created equal.

You can differentiate between the varieties by looking at their loading mechanisms. In this article, we'll cover the top twin-shaft metal shredding options offered at Franklin Miller.

Our Top Metal Shredders

As mentioned, twin-shaft shredders are the most popular types of industrial shredders.

These metal shredding devices load from the top and dispenses to the bottom through a funnel-like opening. They are particularly beneficial for recycling operations, because they can be placed directly above a processing conveyor belt.

This means that those operating them can easily incorporate metal shredding into their day-to-day operations. Just drop in the metal and let the shredders do what they do best!

With that in mind, here are our favorite varieties of metal shredders.

The Taskmaster TM1600

The Taskmaster TM1600 is unique because it's small enough for both inline and in stand-alone capacities. This powerful workhorse can shred heavy solids in both gravity and liquid systems

It can effectively process filters, containers, plastics, packaging, electronic components and more. Features include a high torque gear drive, mechanical shaft seals and precision ground gears.

The Taskmaster TM2300

This metal shredder is slightly bigger than the 1600, and it's more well suited to a recycling plant that's trying to scale a metal processing program.

The Taskmaster TM2300 packs a powerful punch for the price. It reduces high volumes of solids and can tear through sheet metal using low speed and high torque.

The Taskmaster TM3000

The Taskmaster TM3000 is the first big step that many companies take into the big leagues of the shredding game.

This machine features an extra-wide throat opening and heavy-duty construction to accommodate a wide range of solids and metals, reducing the volume for further processing or economical disposal.

The TM3000 also features an extra-tough design that offers protection from sparks, noise, and dust.

The Taskmaster TM4000

The TM4000 features heavier duty construction than the TM3000. It is built for the highest level of performance and reliability using quality components, superior design and engineering.

This piece of metal shredding equipment features 7.4" heat-treated alloy hexagonal shafting for extra strength, 2" cutting blades that rotate at a low speed and devastatingly high torques and full steel plate construction for extra durability.

It makes short work of pallets, electrical components, metal propellant cans, hard drives, mattresses with springs, and tires.

Other Popular Shredders

There are a few other popular shredders that we provide at Franklin Miller. While they may not technically be defined as “metal shredders”, they can still shred certain metal components.

Taskmaster XL Pallet Shredder

Pallet shredders shred wooden pallets, so why are they included in this post about metal shredding? To put it simply, pallets have nails, and nails generally damage regular wood shredders, but not the Taskmaster XL Pallet Shredder.

Pallet shredders are similar metal shredders, but they work well against most woods. They're easy to operate, too. You just drop a pallet into the slightly angled hopper, and then let the shredder get to work.

Good machines work without the assistance of belts or other pieces, and the pallet shredders we carry are no exception. Your shredder should be safe to use and easy to maintain.

The Taskmaster TM8500

We only recommend one shredder for smaller operations, the Taskmaster TM8500. This shredder is unique because of its accessibility and versatility.

These versatile units can process airport waste, biofuel, biosolids, bottles, cans, concession waste, containers, filters, food, fish waste, garments, pharmaceuticals, rags, rejects and returns, screenings, sewage, sludge and more.

Metal Shredding? You Got This!

These metal shredders should run you through the whole gamut of options you have available for industrial operations. The only question that remains is, which makes the most sense for your unique needs?

If you’d like to get more information on any of our metal shredding devices, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to talk with you!

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