TASKMASTER® Food Waste Disposal System

TASKMASTER® Food Waste Disposal System

This modular food waste disposal system can be configured for optimal disposal of a variety of foodstuffs.

The system itself employs the world renowned TASKMASTER® twin shaft shredders to finely reduce food waste in multiple stages, rendering it readily disposable. It shreds in two stages, using a coarse primary shredder first and then a secondary shredder for finely reducing the waste to optimal particle size. The material is then pumped and passes through a finish stage of a SUPER SHREDDER grinder for fine pulverizing of the output prior to discharge into a sewer system.

This system can be configured to meet a specific application requirement and is designed to be highly compact for placement in tight plant locations. The TASKMASTER FOODWASTE DISPOSAL SYSTEM is available in carbon as well as stainless steel construction.


  • Shreds in two stages
  • A finish stage of fine pulverizing
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