TASKMASTER® Chips Shredding System

TASKMASTER® Chips Shredding System

The TM2300 Multi Stage TASKMASTER® chip loading and shredding system consists of a heavy-duty TASKMASTER TM2330 twin shaft industrial shredder with special tool-steel cutters. This system includes an automatically drum tipper, feeder, TM2300 shredder, and load sensing scale to determine when the discharge container is full. This system was designed to destroy off spec electronic chips that were previously getting into the black market.


  • Special tool-steel cutters
  • High torque design
  • 1” thick (25 mm) cam cutters
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The TASKMASTER® TM2300 industrial shredder is a heavy-duty shredder designed to reduce a high volume of solids with its low speed, high torque design. This unit is built for the maximum level of performance and reliability using quality components and superior design. Its powerful, direct gear drive reduces the shaft speed and delivers high torque to the cutters for excellent cutting capacity. The unit can rip, tear and shred through a variety of tough solids reducing the volume to strips or chips ideal for further processing or economical disposal.


The TASKMASTER TM2300 industrial shredder is provided standard with 1” thick (25 mm) cam cutters. Other thicknesses and profiles can be provided. The TM2300 housing extends beyond the cutters for enhanced safety and ease of installation in fully enclosed systems.

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