The DIMMINUTOR provides automatic screening and grinding of liquid-borne solids with a straight through open channel design. This unit reduces plastics, wood, vegetable matter, disposables, and other oversized items to a fine particulate. The DIMMINUTOR’S unique features, heavy precision construction, dependable operation and simplified maintenance have earned it a solid reputation amongst operators and specifying engineers worldwide. The DIMMINUTOR is designed for reliable operation and easy maintenance. For example, with its cantilevered design, the DIMMINUTOR needs no seals or bearings near the gritty channel floor. The unit’s screen is stationary so it never wears against bottom grit. Each cutter is interchangeable and cutters can be removed or adjusted independently. The unit’s seals and bearings are immersed in an oil bath for long life and low maintenance.

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Ext_Dimminutor_webThe DIMMINUTOR® employs a smooth, continuously rotating design with high torque always available on demand. As its three bi-directional rotary cutters intermesh at close clearance with stationary cutters, solids are finely reduced to a size small enough to pass through a sizing screen. The DIMMINUTOR is designed for unobstructed flow even during reversing cycles. The DIMMINUTOR design has no gaps or openings between the screen and cutters so output is controlled and complete reduction assured. Every DIMMINUTOR component is constructed for long life and precision. The cutters are constructed of hardened stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance. With the DIMMINUTOR’S unique CLEAR-SLOT screen system, the cutters actually penetrate the individual slots of the screen and clear them with each revolution. The screens are precision cut from rugged stainless steel plate using laser technology. The result is a highly precise and durable screen. Full stainless steel construction is an available option.



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