April 26, 2024

The Complete Guide to Buying Solid Waste Shredders: Everything to Know

Jane Cooper

Solid waste shredders are an important part of many businesses in various sectors today. They have been serving manufacturers, waste companies, and recyclers for years.

Buying solid waste shredders is a major purchase for companies and should be done with careful consideration. There are some key components you want to keep in mind when looking for shredders.

Read on to find everything you need to know when looking for the right solid waste shredder for your company.

Establish Why You’re Buying Solid Waste Shredders

Solid waste shredders are powerful and can shred all kinds of things, such as bulky plastic or wet materials. Shredders also work great for cannabis mills, dairy farms, and cement factories.

Many shredders can break down multiple materials like plastic, pallets, and tires, but those shredders may not work for wet materials. If you use a shredder for something it isn't designed for, it could clog and slow down your process.

Thinking through the possibility of contaminants is also important. No matter how careful you are, contaminants will inevitably work their way into the shredder. You want to look for a shredder that can handle those contaminants.

Inputs and Outputs

Different shredders produce different types of output. If you plan to reuse the shredded material, you will want to know the output size from the shredder. This helps you guarantee the output size will be consistent.

Some shredders will have options to add dischargers that can put the waste directly into a container. You can also get shredders that have conveyors that feed the shredder directly so the system is completely automated.

Know Your Shredding Volume

When looking for solid waste shredder features, you want to know how much volume you will be shredding. Your volume needs will help guide you on the type of shredder you should purchase.

Shredding capacity is seen by the pounds per hour rating for any specific shredder. You want to know your expected capacity needs and then allow for some extra. This helps you find a machine that won't get overloaded.

For example, shredding metal is a common need for many large industries. They will look for twin-shaft high torque shredders that can transform their large metal pieces into smaller pieces for transport.

Educate Yourself on Routine Maintenance

Your solid waste shredding system will need periodic maintenance. Lubrication and oil changes for the engine and parts are vital for long-lasting success. Grinding blade care is also important for longevity.

Wanting to do the servicing yourself means finding out how easy potential shredders are to service. Look for things such as access panels and easy instructions to do it yourself.

If your machine is more complex and needs professionals to service it, find out from your solid waste shredder provider about regular maintenance. They should be able to tell you what is involved, and the expected costs for servicing.

Many shredders ultimately will not need professional service. If you’re a fan of self-service and self-maintenance, ‌bring that up when shopping for a shredder.

The Quality of Construction

One overlooked aspect of maintenance is to look at the quality of construction of a potential shredder. Shredders that are precision manufactured may cost a little more upfront, but will often turn out less expensive in the long run.

Look for shredders that offer heavy construction parts for long-lasting life. Low vibration and quiet operation are signs of quality construction and should be something you are looking for in a shredder.

Set Up Location and Storage Options

The size of the shredder you need is based on what material you are shredding and how much you will be shredding. You will also need to consider the location you are planning to set the shredder.

Shredders need a good amount of space around them and they can't be crammed in a corner. Think through where you are planning to put the shredder and how much space is available.

Another thing to think about is the atmosphere around the shredder. Will it be in a climate-controlled room or will it be outside under an awning? These factors will need to be considered when picking a shredder.

A Quality Shredder for Your Company

Buying solid waste shredders is not like buying a paper shredder for your office. It is a major investment, and you will want to take the time to research and find the right shredder for your company.

Your goal is to find a shredder that will meet your needs for the long term. You don't want to settle for something that ends up having to be replaced in just a few years. Investing the time to find the perfect shredder solution is worth it.

Franklin Miller has been a size-reduction technology leader for over 100 years. We specialize in helping companies find the perfect system for their needs, and even have a test lab to demonstrate our solutions for you.

Contact us today about your shredder needs and let us help you find the perfect solution for your company

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