April 26, 2024

The Power of the TASKMASTER® TITAN® TM22000

Jane Cooper

The TASKMASTER® TITAN® Model TM22000 stands out as an exceptionally powerful and efficient channel grinder, representing the pinnacle of industrial shredding technology combined with unparalleled high flow capabilities. This formidable unit is specifically engineered to tackle and effectively reduce a wide array of robust institutional solids, such as towels, blankets, shirts, pants, and bed sheets. These materials, notorious for their potential to obstruct pumping systems and trigger backups, are effortlessly processed by the TM22000.

At the heart of the TM22000's unmatched performance lies its exclusive TITAN cutter. This innovative feature boasts an open design, which is critical for facilitating excellent twin-shaft cutting while maintaining a high flow capacity. This unique design ensures that the grinder can handle large volumes of waste material without the risk of clogging or reduced efficiency.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the TM22000 is its 100% cutting performance. This high efficiency is a direct result of its unique cutter geometry, a feature that eliminates the need for additional diverter drum screens. This not only simplifies the operational process but also enhances the overall effectiveness and reliability of the unit.

To power this robust machinery, the TM22000 is equipped with a 10HP motor, paired with a planetary gear drive that offers both strength and durability. This powerful combination ensures consistent, high-performance grinding under various industrial conditions. Furthermore, the unit includes the S260 Automatic Control System, an advanced feature that enhances the grinder's functionality and user control. This system allows for precise management of the grinding process, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in handling challenging waste materials.

Overall, the TASKMASTER® TITAN® Model TM22000 represents a significant advancement in grinder technology, offering an ideal solution for industries seeking a powerful, efficient, and reliable method to manage tough waste materials.

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