May 17, 2024

Taskmaster® XL Pallet Shredder with optional conveyor and separator

Jane Cooper

Franklin Miller introduces powerful TASKMASTER XL pallet shredder with optional conveyor and separator. The XL effectively shreds entire pallets and nails to reduce bulk volume. As a result, it can help in maintaining a healthy workplace as well as reduce the expense of disposing of pallets. The TASKMASTER XL is supplied complete with stand, hopper and automatic reversing controls. Its streamlined design features a direct coupled gear drive which is smooth running and simple to operate. With the XL, there are no drive belts to re-tension. This unit is designed to be easy to use and easy to maintain. Its unique enclosed hopper design automatically directs the pallet into the cutting chamber. TASKMASTER XL options include a separator, auxiliary discharge conveyors to convey the output into a waste container, as well as an available infeed conveyor for a completely automated system.

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