May 8, 2024

Say Goodbye to Pesky Pallet Piles

Jane Cooper

Taskmaster XL

High Brothers Lumber Services has been serving Missouri for over 40 years. Their 125,000-square-foot facility houses all their building materials, from which they are able to serve professional tradesmen and homeowners.

High Brothers found they were dealing with a lot of unwanted pallets around their 11-acre facility. For a while, they were disposing of them by burning them, but soon found they had too many to keep up with them. The pallets started to pile up faster than they could dispose of them. Because this is a lumber yard, they have insurance and regulatory limitations to follow. For example, they needed to keep the pallets fifty feet from the building and keep them stacked in a certain way. They were soon running out of space and time tending to the discarded pallets. They knew they needed a better solution and that’s when they reached out to Franklin Miller. After speaking to the company, they decided a pallet shredder would be perfect for their needs. They installed the Taskmaster XL in early 2023.

“We are still getting caught up on shredding all the older pallets,” said Kevin Brell, fleet manager at High Brothers Lumber Services. “It is working great.”

Brell explained that once they get caught up on the backlog of pallets, they expect to probably shred around 20-40 pallets a week. They don’t anticipate the Taskmaster XL having any problems with that volume, considering they’re doing so much more now.

“The machine truly works great,” Brell said. “Shreds them right up. Nails and all.”

The TASKMASTER XL shredder effectively shreds entire natural wood pallets to reduce their bulk volume. This unit can substantially reduce the expense of disposing of pallets. With the XL, there are no drive belts to replace or re-tension. Instead, it features a smooth-running gear drive which is simple to operate. This unit is designed to be easy to use and easy to maintain. Its hopper automatically directs the pallet into the cutting chamber. An automatic reversing control makes operation simple. Optional equipment includes forklift waste hoppers, or a choice of discharge conveyors to automatically transport the output into waste containers.

High Lumber keeps their Taskmaster XL in a small shelter that is open on one side to the elements. Brell expresses how easy the machine is to operate exactly where they need it to work.

“I’ve spoken to others in the market for a pallet shredder and recommended this machine to anyone who asks,” Brell said. “It is a great shredder. It does what I want it to do. And what I need it to do.”

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