April 26, 2024

Powerful Crusher with New Enclosed Stainless Steel Stand and Hinged Hopper

Jane Cooper

The DELUMPER® 1075 LP Crusher reduces hard or soft, heat sensitive, sticky or wet agglomerates and lumps at high volume without degrading the material or causing a rise in temperature. The unit is available with a variety of auxiliary equipment. This unit was provided with a fully-enclosed stainless steel stand and a special pivoted hopper. This hinged hopper that tilts allows quick access to interior components for cleaning and service.

The DELUMPER LP lump breaker features extended cutting teeth that rotate completely through a heavy bar cage, self-clearing the slots with each rotation. Each tooth is built for precise balance, interchangeability and smooth operation. Output sizes are adjustable by changing the speed or the comb. The unit’s low-friction cutting action is excellent for large quantities of sludge cake, agglomerated chemicals, plastics, fats, waxes or solid waste.

These features and others are available on other DELUMPER Models as well.

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