April 26, 2024

Mineral Crushers – Using Crushers To Cut Problem Solids Down to Size

Jane Cooper

A mineral processing plant in Pennsylvania needed a better way to process large batches of problematic minerals. The contents from 3,200 pound super sacks were placed on a conveyor and then manually hammered to crush them, a labor-intensive operation. Adding to the problems, the minerals were lumpy and rock-solid after spending months on a boat from China. The operation was slow and hazardous, labor costs were high and particle size varied widely.

The company made the decision to automate the process. Franklin Miller was asked to assess the entire operation and recommend an easily installed crusher that would quickly reduce the difficult agglomerate lumps. Based on that assessment, the customer purchased a DC1075L DELUMPER® Crusher. The minerals were conveyor fed from the super sacks to the DELUMPER crusher. The unit’s powerful crushing action reduced lumps as large as six inches down to uniform, quarter inch particles in a fraction of the time previously required.

DELUMPER Series lump breakers reduce a wide range of materials to desired output with a positive, once-through chopping action without overgrind, heat rise or fines. The units feature specially designed, individually replaceable teeth mounted on a smooth, rotating drum intermesh with sizing combs. Lumps up to full inlet opening size can be processed. The crushers are self-cleaning and self-feeding. They run at low speed and create little vibration or noise. All units feature solid, one-piece body construction, smooth finish and unique design for unsurpassed performance and reliability.

According to the plant manager, installation of the DELUMPER lump breaker has helped improve processing, increased output and reduced production costs. “In short, it’s done everything we asked for,” he concluded.

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