April 26, 2024

Introducing the TASKMASTER® XL Pallet Shredder

Jane Cooper

Disposing of pallets is a substantial expense for companies across the country often involving multiple solid waste containers per week. Old pallets accumulating on property are also a problem. Pallets can be dangerous, unsightly, accumulate mold and attract animals.

Franklin Miller Inc. is proud to introduce the new TASKMASTER® XL industrial pallet shredder which addresses this problem. This powerful industrial shredder can substantially reduce the expense of disposing of pallets by reducing them in size and reducing their bulk volume. This means this machine can quickly pay for itself.

In designing the TASKMASTER XL, Franklin Miller engineers employed the engineering knowhow gained in nearly 100 years of size reduction equipment manufacturing. This single shaft unit employs a quiet operating 25HP gear drive and 3 phase motor direct coupled to the unit.

The XL features easy maintenance, quiet operation and a low shaft speed, high torque shredding action. Once connected, it quickly goes to work reducing up to 100 pallets per hour. The cutters shred the pallets with nails and all. Its heavy construction, oversize shaft and high strength bearings assure long life and reliable service.

The unit is supplied complete with an S250 automatic reversing controller. This controller senses jam conditions and automatically reverses the direction of operation to clear the obstruction for a preset amount of times. The unit’s design allows fast and easy interior access for maintenance or to remove an unshreddable object.

The XL features a single pallet hopper which directs the pallet into the cutting chamber. Optional equipment includes auxiliary discharge conveyors which convey the output into a waste container as well as an optional infeed conveyor.

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