April 26, 2024

Case Study: TASKMASTER® Grinder Solves Paint Problems for Automakers

Jane Cooper

A TASKMASTER® TM8512 grinder was recently installed at an automotive manufacturing facility. The unit was chosen as the most effective way to handle dried paint chunks that were passed through a four inch pipeline and deposited into a collection tank. Large pieces of paint debris often clogged the line and needed to be reduced to a smaller size. The TASKMASTER was attached to the line in the area at the bottom of the collection tank. Special “combs” were added to optimize the cutting and shearing of the paint pieces and to help remove anything that would stick on the cutters, spacers or shafts. On each pass or rotation, material that adhered was scraped off and pushed to the cutters again. The paint chunks were ground to desired output size of ¼ inch, flowing easily through the pipeline.

The application at another automotive facility was to break up clumps that formed in paint agglomerates in a paint tank. The paint balls clogged the recirculating pump resulting in down time and frequent maintenance. To remedy the problem, the solution was to install a SUPER SHREDDER® SS8000 between the paint tank and the pump.

Franklin Miller’s high performance grinders and shredders have been instrumental in solving size reductions problems at manufacturing plants worldwide. They easily process agglomerates, paint solids, food, chemicals, oil solids, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals and more. They prevent pump and pipeline clogging, reduce downtime and maintenance and help increase plant efficiency.

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