April 26, 2024

Case Study: SUPER SHREDDER® To The Rescue

Jane Cooper

Franklin Miller Super Shredders

The City of Corning, New York Wastewater Treatment Plant serves its 10,500 residents by managing wastewater through full secondary treatment with nitrification. This facility processes an average of 1.2 million gallons per day (mgd), with a peak capacity of 6.8 mgd. The treatment includes grit screening, primary settling, flow through a trickling filter, and biological contractors for nitrification before releasing effluent into the Chemung River.

Sludge and solids from the settling tanks are processed in an anaerobic digester, heated to 95-97°F using a spiral heat exchanger. After several weeks, the digested solids are mixed with polymer, dewatered, and then disposed of in a landfill.

Since 1994, the facility has relied on the Franklin Miller SUPER SHREDDER® Disintegrator for enhancing its operational efficiency. Alan M. Bontorno, the Chief Operator, attests to the crucial role of the SUPER SHREDDER® in maintaining the heat exchanger's efficiency at two different wastewater plants. He notes that before the installation of the SUPER SHREDDER®, raw sludge would clog the flow in the heat exchanger within two days. The SUPER SHREDDER® effectively makes debris uniform, ensuring a smooth flow.

The SUPER SHREDDER® features modular construction, facilitating easy maintenance and allowing options for either pre-assembled cartridge replacement or individual part ordering for rebuilding. Its durable cutter and cage assembly have consistently improved operations. Bontorno highlights the machine's reliability and the excellent support from knowledgeable staff.

The SUPER SHREDDER® is designed for grinding tough solids in sludge or sewage lines, combining unparalleled grinding capabilities with a maintenance-friendly design. It features a patented "spherical shredding" mechanism that finely cuts and shears tough sewage solids. The unit is known for its hard-faced stainless steel cutters, offering exceptional wear resistance. With fewer moving parts due to its spherical rotor design, the SUPER SHREDDER® requires less maintenance compared to other units. It includes a convenient S250 Auto-Reversing control system that detects jam conditions and automatically reverses, minimizing downtime.

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