April 26, 2024

The DELUMPER®: A Sweet Success at ADM

Jane Cooper

ADM Cocoa Plant in Hazle Township, Pennsylvania needed help with their cocoa bean production. The plant processes two and a half million pounds of cocoa beans each day, turning them into cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and chocolate liquor. The company needed a machine to process sugar with over-sized lumps that could occur in transport or storage. Unless these agglomerated clumps were reduced to a granular form, the process could not work dependably. The machine also had to handle the large quantity of sugar processed daily and be sanitary.

After researching available options, ADM decided on a Franklin Miller DELUMPER® L. They are thrilled that they did.  It has saved them time, money and manpower. “If it wasn’t for the DELUMPER,” said Brian Shpock at ADM Cocoa, “we would probably have to beat on the sugar lumps with a sledgehammer 24 hours a day.”

The DELUMPER® L handles 200,000 pounds of sugar each day, with lumps up to 24”, though on average they are 6-8 inches.

The DELUMPER® L has a unique streamlined design that is both versatile and easy to maintain and clean. The unit’s ultra-compact housing disassembles for cleaning and maintenance in less than a minute. The DELUMPER also features a variable speed direct drive that can precisely meet exacting application requirements. The unit is constructed with a sanitary, fully stainless steel design. The unit has a straight-through product flow with no bends or offsets to assure no accumulation within the unit and make installation easy.

The DELUMPER® Lhas been in use in the ADM plant for four and a half years. “It’s been great. No problems. So far, so good.” Shpock said.

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