Industrial Paper Shredders

TASKMASTER® Industrial Paper Shredders by Franklin Miller are designed to meet the most rigorous standards in secure paper disposal and paper recycling. With a diverse range of models available, these shredders represent the pinnacle of engineering sophistication and operational efficiency.

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Environmentally Responsible

One of the often-overlooked advantages of paper shredding is its positive impact on the environment. By recycling shredded paper, you actively contribute to forest conservation, a vital ecological concern. Trees play an irreplaceable role in our environment—providing oxygen, offering shade, and enhancing the quality of air. Traditional methods of paper production often involve cutting down trees and emit harmful chemicals, causing lasting damage to our atmosphere. Through the responsible act of shredding and recycling paper, you can significantly curtail these harmful effects.

Model Specifications


The TASKMASTER® series features an extensive lineup of industrial paper shredders, each incorporating the company's proprietary low-speed, high-torque, twin-shaft design.

Small-Scale Operations

For small-scale enterprises requiring dependable yet compact shredding solutions, TASKMASTER® TM1600 Shredder offers models meticulously engineered to balance ease of use with minimal maintenance requirements. These units present a cost-efficient avenue for secure paper disposal.

Mid-Scale Operations

Mid-sized businesses and smaller recycling centers can benefit from a specialized range of TASKMASTER® TM2300 shredders designed to accommodate moderate throughput rates and power requirements, all while allowing for potential customization to meet specific operational needs.

Heavy-Duty Operations

Industrial operations necessitating high-capacity paper recycling and large-scale secure document disposal will find the TASKMASTER® TM3000 heavy-duty models to be exceedingly capable. These units have the capacity to manage large volumes, including but not limited to, books and bulky cardboard material.

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Engineered for Reliability

With over 25 years serving the paper recycling industry, TASKMASTER® shredders are synonymous with reliability and longevity. The units are constructed with the highest quality materials and undergo rigorous quality control measures.

Security and Data Protection

In the digital age, the need for physical data security remains as critical as ever. Sensitive information, if not disposed of securely, is susceptible to unauthorized access and misuse, leading to potentially severe financial and reputational consequences for organizations. TASKMASTER® Industrial Paper Shredders are designed not just to meet but exceed stringent data protection regulations, providing an added layer of assurance in this critical operational aspect.

Every model in the TASKMASTER® lineup incorporates state-of-the-art security features aimed at the complete and irreversible destruction of sensitive documents. From the point of insertion to the final shredded output, the process is designed to minimize any risk of data retrieval.

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