Industrial Treatment

Franklin Miller is dedicated to providing tailor-made solutions across a wide range of industrial applications, featuring an extensive line-up of shredders, crushers, and screening systems. Our experience, rooted in decades of industry leadership from our base in Livingston, NJ, ensures each product embodies durability, efficiency, and the latest in technology. Designed to meet the multifaceted needs of diverse industries, our equipment excels in tasks ranging from waste reduction and recycling to specialized material processing. Discover how our commitment to excellence in industrial machinery can address your specific challenges with unparalleled quality.

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Industrial Shredders

Franklin Miller is renowned for its expertly engineered industrial shredders, with a particular emphasis on our twin and four-shaft models. Our twin-shaft shredders are designed for a once-through shredding action, making them highly efficient for processing large volumes of material quickly. This makes them ideal for applications where rapid size reduction is essential. On the other hand, our four-shaft shredders excel in producing a consistent particle size, offering unparalleled precision and uniformity in output. This feature is particularly beneficial for applications where uniformity in size reduction is critical. Both models are equipped with advanced technology, showcasing our commitment to high-throughput performance, durability, and compliance with environmental and safety standards. Franklin Miller's shredders are not just machines; they are key tools for industries requiring dependable and high-quality material processing solutions.

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Franklin Miller's range of crushers and lump breakers are engineered to effectively break down solids, lumps, and agglomerates to a desired size through a once-through, non-churning crushing action, producing minimal fines. These units are meticulously designed for smooth operation with low vibration and noise, significantly reducing plant downtime, increasing processing speed, and improving product consistency. They offer a wide variety of crushers and lump breakers with processors that can handle capacities ranging from 50 lbs an hour to 1000 tons per hour. These powerful units can be customized to meet specific application requirements, including easy maintenance, custom sizes, and special materials. This flexibility and precision in design make Franklin Miller's crushers ideal for a range of applications, offering efficient and consistent processing solutions

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Screening Technology

Franklin Miller's comprehensive range of screening equipment is designed to meet the needs of various applications, from wastewater and sewage treatment to industrial and agricultural uses. Their screens are adept at removing solids from liquid flows and can also wash and compact solids. This versatility makes them suitable for a wide array of environments. Their lineup includes products for different levels of screening, ranging from coarse to fine, channel screening, and internally fed drum screens. The SPIRALIFT® series auger screens and SCREENMASTER® series, encompassing both coarse and fine screens, exemplify the robustness, reliability, and industry-leading performance of Franklin Miller's screening solutions. These systems not only provide effective liquids and solids separation but also ensure washing, compaction, and conveying, showcasing a commitment to high-quality, multifunctional utility

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