April 26, 2024

Video Case Study: A Septage Receiving Solution

Jane Cooper

The Willits, California Wastewater Treatment Plant services over 10,000 residents and receives 750 loads of septage each year, but found they had a serious problem. Heavy septage from “honey trucks” was dumped by haulers into its wet well which clogged the plant’s pumps and caused flow channels to overrun. The plant also lacked oversight as to who was pumping and what was being pumped into its system. It could not control the pH level of the wastewater.  As they searched for a solution, Franklin Miller’s SPIRALIFT® SR Septage Receiving Station stood out. After a thorough review, the plant determined that the unique SPIRALIFT had the exact capabilities they needed. They decided to purchase this system.  

The SPIRALIFT SR effectively separates, washes and grinds septage with its TASKMASTER grinder and high-strength fully enclosed shaftless screw screen. The grinder reduces the waste, allowing it to freely flow through the system while heavy metal and rock solids are captured in the unit’s tramp trap. A flow meter accurately records the gallons being pumped. The SPIRALIFT SR will automatically turn off if the pH level is out of range.

Operator Daniel Curtis noted, “Waste overflows are no longer a problem because the SPIRALIFT prevents the haulers from dumping directly into the plant’s wet well.”

Curtis is also no longer concerned about inaccurate loads.  He knew that the financial benefit of accurate recording would offset the cost of the SPIRALIFT SR, but is impressed that the SPIRALIFT has “darn near paid for itself in the first year by keeping all the pumper trucks and operators honest.”

Plant Operator Nici Caldwell also has nothing but praise for the SPIRALIFT. “The plant is operating better and more efficiently since the installation, she said. “The SPIRALIFT is working great.  It is really easy for the septic haulers to just come in, hook up and dump. It’s an in and out; no more trash in our equipment. Our influent pumps seem safe. Controlling the pH level is also no longer a concern. With the pH meter, if it is out of the norm, the machine shuts off. It is really, overall, working great for us.”

With a full array of options, including unique Hauler Logic software, the SPIRALIFT can be customized to meet almost any septage receiving need. Contact Franklin Miller to learn how the SPIRALIFT can meet your plant’s requirement. Call 973-535-9200 or email info@franklinmiller.com to speak to an application engineer.

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