April 26, 2024

Union Township, NJ Automates Pump Station with TASKMASTER®

Jane Cooper

TM8500 Grinder

Union Township, New Jersey was having a lot of trouble with their pump station. Although a small pump station, it was extremely cumbersome to maintain. The station was using a trash basket with a ladder and rail system to screen solids. This was extremely time-consuming, used an excess of manpower and proved to be ineffective at times. They knew they needed a better solution.

Because Franklin Miller had successfully retrofitted a competitor’s machine in the past, the Township of Union, Department of Public Works decided to approach FMI for a solution.

The county removed the trash basket when Franklin Miller fabricated a machine and components to fit directly in the same space while still using their current rail system.

“It was an extremely easy installation for us,” said Ray Cornetto, who worked on the installation. “There were no issues installing this machine and there have been no issues with running it.”

He went on to report that the Franklin Miller TASKMASTER TM8500 series not only solved the issue of manpower, but automated their

“We no longer have to clear the basket. This automated system has made everything simple. The station is checked once in a while and that’s it. They can move on to the next job.”

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