April 26, 2024

Taskmaster® Shredder Featured on Latest Episode of Canna Cribs

Jane Cooper

Proper waste disposal is a regulatory requirement of growers and processors in the booming medical and recreational marijuana industry. Cannabis cultivators and dispensaries like The House of Dankness in Colorado are not allowed to simply throw away the unusable plant scraps. Instead, they must shred and then mix the leaves, stalks and stems with other material, such as cardboard and rock wool, to render the resulting mix unusable and undesirable.

But the House of Dankness had a problem. They burned through three different shredders that just didn’t hold up to their cannabis waste. It wasn’t until they found Franklin Miller’s TASKMASTER® TM8500 industrial duty shredder that they found a unit with the functionality and reliability they needed.

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How to maintain TASKMASTER® Cannabis Shredders?

How to maintain TASKMASTER® Cannabis Shredders?

In a recent episode of  Cannacribs, Kelsey Rodgers, the Flower Quandrant Lead for the House of Dankness, spoke highly of the TASKMASTER. Rodgers stated the TASKMASTER® Cannabis Shredders reliably handles their waste and praised the shredder for its low maintenance. “We maintain it about once a week … clean the teeth, maybe put some oil through it. And other than that, maybe once a month, we’ll fully take it apart and give it a nice, good cleaning.”


The TASKMASTER® TM8500 is a precision manufactured shredder that employs two intermeshing cutter stacks that rotate at low speed but with very high torque to provide the reliable shredding the facility needed. In just eight to twelve seconds, the TASKMASTER® can cut, shear, tear, slice, and rip apart solids – like leaves, stems and full stalks, generating a chip-like output. Additionally, the TASKMASTER shredder is quiet in operation and suitable for indoor use. That’s because it’s electrically driven so it doesn’t generate the fumes of gas powered chippers.

Taskmaster TM8500 Shreds Cannabis

Shredding maintenance problems are now a thing of the past at Rare Dankness.  The TASKMASTER® TM8500 has helped them successfully process the cannabis waste in a manner that saves time, money and ensures regulatory compliance.

Franklin Miller’s TASKMASTER® line of shredders offers a full array of features – including customizable chamber and tooth sizes as well as configurations that can be engineered to meet a variety of requirements.

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