April 26, 2024

Case Study: TASKMASTER® TT Grinder Ends Septage Headache

Jane Cooper

Taskmaster TT Installation

The Broward County Wastewater Treatment Plant in Pompano Beach, Florida is a regional facility processing 80 million gallons of wastewater every day. Adjacent to the plant and across the street is a septage receiving area used for pre processing and receiving septage from haulers. Proper treatment of this septage was a problem for the facility.

Every day, haulers with an average capacity of 4000 gallons per tanker truck continually arrive at the pre-treatment area and dump the effluent from septic tanks, portable toilets and other septage systems into a discharge bay. The septage then needs to be processed so that it passes smoothly through the pumps to the treatment facility. According to Supervisor of Plant Management, Curtis Preece, “Previously a large bar screen captured the incoming debris which was then removed to a dumpster. Maintenance of the screen was costly because it had so many moveable parts. This also contributed to a lot of down time.”

I knew there had to be a better way.” Preece continued. He attended a trade show and found exactly what he was looking for. “A light went on in my head when I saw the TASKMASTER® TT,” he said.

The TASKMASTER is a rugged workhorse of a grinder and a part of Franklin Miller's full line of wastewater grinders. The unit’s twin shaft mechanism is especially rugged due to the use of ”CUTTER CARTRIDGE® technology" instead of standard individual cutter and spacer disks.

This design gives it the extra strength needed to successful process these tough septage materials. Says Mr. Preece, “We installed it and did away with the bar screen altogether. It does the job completely”

The unit has offered day-in and day-out dependability and performance. The TASKMASTER’S powerful size reduction capabilities facilitates further processing at the plant, protects downstream process equipment and ensures that systems run smoothly.

“We’re very pleased with our choice,” Preece concluded. “Maintenance is non-existent and we’ve saved a lot of money.”

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