July 19, 2024

SRH Hauler Station

Jane Cooper

The S270-SRH Hauler Station is a comprehensive control system that provides an automated interface for septage truck haulers to securely access and operate a Franklin Miller septage receiving station without the need for plant personnel. This unit, coupled with the TASKMASTER® TT grinder or SPIRALIFT® SR grinding and screening system, provides a complete turn-key solution for automating the receiving of septage into a sewage plant headworks without burdening either plant personnel or equipment.

The S270-SRH Hauler Station Control identifies haulers via a card swipe system, permits access, tracks loads, records transactions and prints transaction receipts. Drivers begin the process with one swipe of their access card. Once the driver’s ID is validated by the system, the hauler simply touches the start button and the system’s automated operation is initiated. The S270-SRH is equipped with a touch screen HMI interface that displays transaction information, the system status and provides access for system administration.

The unit is available in HaulerLogic™ software for remote operation, account administration and billing.

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