April 26, 2024

Maximum Security with the SPIRALIFT® SLX

Jane Cooper

Fine Screening of Heavy Institutional Effluent

The SPIRALIFT® SLX is a heavy-duty system specifically built for screening of heavy prison and institutional wastewater effluent. This powerful system effectively handles large, concentrated solids including clothing, sneakers, sheets, blankets, wood and other debris too large for standard-duty systems to handle.

SPIRALIFT SLX screens, wash, convey and compact even large solids in one integrated, easy to install system. This unit features a heavy TASKMASTER®TM1600 15HP shredder coupled with an over-sized channel screen. The TASKMASTER shreds the solids which are then captured on a fine screen and intensively washed. As the solids are conveyed up the transport, free water drains back into the channel. The solids are discharged into a bin or conveyor.

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