April 26, 2024

Make Your Grinder New Again: Rebuild, Replace or Re-NEW Your Existing Grinder and Say Goodbye to Grinder Headaches!

Jane Cooper

Renew Your Old Grinder

When other companies’ grinders wear out prematurely and you’re not getting the customer support you need,  Franklin Miller can get you up and running fast and even save you money! With our reliable parts, exceptional warranty and outstanding customer service, your grinder problems will soon be history.

It is surprisingly easy to swap out the full working end or “lower works” of most major brand grinders, often using your existing drive, guide rails, and controls, making this is a fast, easy and cost-effective way to make your grinder new again. Franklin Miller’s Rebuild, Replace and Re-NEW program uses cutter cartridge® technology to upgrade your twin-shaft grinder. Did you know TASKMASTER® cutter cartridge® elements fit directly in other major brand twin-shaft grinders, often without modification? You’ll get a completely re-newed grinder with superior TASKMASTER performance. Our Re-NEW program is available for in-channel, inline and gravity-fed grinders.

Customers utilizing the Rebuild, Replace and Re-NEW program are thrilled with their newly built grinders. They love the faster and easier assembly, increased strength, no stack re-tightening, increased longevity and long-term cost savings. Not only does this program make your old grinder newer and better, you will also have a brand-new warranty and your new grinder will be covered by Franklin Miller Customer Care.

Many of our reliable, low-maintenance grinders can also be outfitted to replace difficult-to-maintain, troublesome units.  To check out our full line of innovative grinders – click here.

Call us today to find out how Franklin Miller can Rebuild, Replace or Re-NEW problematic grinders that aren’t holding up with something that will truly last. To speak to a grinder specialist, call Franklin Miller today at 1-800-932-0599.

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