April 26, 2024

The DEFINER® DF2000 Precision Knife Cutter Produces the Utmost in Product Quality

Jane Cooper

The DEFINER® DF2000 is a precision knife mill designed for reliability and ease of use. This lab ready processor features all stainless steel construction in contact with product. Its precision, tool steel knives cut materials to desired output size without overgrind or excessive heat build-up. As a result, this unit produces the utmost in product quality and optimizes yield. Designed with ease of maintenance in mind, the DEFINER knife mill can be quickly cleaned or disassembled, saving you valuable production time.

The DEFINER® knife mill can effectively reduce spices, herbs, pharmaceuticals, lumps and more. The unit’s unique rotor design with replaceable rotary knife elements shears materials such as stringy solids, making it ideal for processing hemp. The array of optional cutter elements and screen sizes allow the unit to be customized to condition, mill, and deagglomerate.

The DEFINER® knife mill features a stainless steel hopper and protective flaps to keep the work environments clean. Rotational speed, particle size and throughput are easily managed with the unit’s variable speed controller. The streamlined, direct drive provides quiet and smooth operation and eliminates maintenance of belts. Optional add-ons include casters with lockable wheels and a pneumatic discharge system.

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