April 26, 2024

Green Manufacturer Franklin Miller Gets Even More Energy Efficient

Jane Cooper

Solar Panels

Franklin Miller has been contributing to a greener planet with a broad line of grinders and shredders that aid in wastewater treatment, composting, food waste, recycling worldwide.

Now the company is extending its commitment to a greener planet by converting much of the operations to the use of solar energy. Recently, Franklin Miller has completed a major installation of solar panels on the entirety of the roof of their Livingston, New Jersey headquarters and manufacturing facility. This is the latest initiative of the company in their commitment to being a green manufacturer and to reduce their carbon emissions and footprint. This project, recently completed, is a major green initiative for the company. When the power is not being used by the operation, it will go back to the grid. The system was designed to produce 193,600 kwh of electricity.  From LED bulbs inside, to major updates like these solar panels, Franklin Miller is working to be be as environmentally conscious as possible.

Franklin Miller Inc. is committed to being a good corporate citizen and to helping their customers do their part, too.

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